Star Discovery Season 2 Episode 4 Review An Obol For Charon

Star Discovery Season 2 Episode four Assessment An Obol for Charon Breakdown of the newest an infection from Star Trek Discovery. This episode, The Discovery will get a …

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49 thoughts on “Star Discovery Season 2 Episode 4 Review An Obol For Charon

  1. I honestly stopped watching after this episode. I skipped, probably, more than half of the scenes because I know that they'll lead no where.

  2. I agree there was too much going on. I kept reaching at a connection between the booger spore and the sphere, like it was its family or somehow related to the spore-verse, but nope. Just more fallout from the sphere desperately trying to write an auto-biography on its deathbed. That was kind of disappointing and unnecessarily confusing. But overall I really enjoyed this episode. Less emo empire building, a hint of comedy and good character study. It doesn't come close to the amount of that in Orville but it left me feeling cautiously optimistic.

  3. I love Doug Jones / Saru in this show. I watched the Short Trek about him before the series, which was definitely beneficial.

  4. I have to disagree. I felt this was one of the worst episodes of STD (though not as bad as the previous week's which was abysmal). I wasn't irritated by the main character of Michael Burnham in Season 1 but by god is she irritating with her one-dimensional line delivery – and she is far too much the centre of attention this season – even more than last. Nobody seems to ever do anything other than talk. The final nail in the coffin of this episode for me is when Burnham arrives at the lab where Stamets and Reno are debating what to do about Tilly. Note: Stamets is having a conversation with RENO about what to do about Tilly. Then Stamets has his Eureka moment and turns away from RENO to explain his solution to BURNHAM. WHY?!?!?! Good lord it's rubbish.

  5. Is Burnam the first officer? I thought it was Suru. He did sit in the captain's chair. If he is the first officer, should he have all those scenes with Pike?

  6. I kinda liked the "cloud" monster. I know amorphous monsters are a blight on modern movies but I would make an exception for anything Star Trek because Trek pretty much invented all-powerful cloud monsters back in TOS. It's like a call-back.

  7. Jesus Fucking Christ Lighten up Turdrotic you just hate new Trek because it's not the Happy Peaceful Preachy Diplomatic Roddenberry Bullshit that people like you want to see, I wonder what you'll say when you see the new Patrick Stewart Picard Show Patrick Stewart was recently on a Talk show and said this show will be ''Quite Different from Next Generation'' and when he said quite he hesitated so it probably will be great you probably won't like it :p

  8. Fairly certain that English was the official Starfleet language, and to graduate you had to speak it. Especially in the TOS era, it would make sense for exactly this scenario. I mean, would the computer screen readouts be a different language for everyone??? No.

  9. Hmm, 31 seconds in and you're referencing the pseudo-news network (mildly put, a better descriptor would be "inaccurate and unbelievable conspiracy theorist site that contradicts known facts for no apparent reason") known as Midnight's Edge….. do I have the will to waste another 14 minutes of my life on this shit?

    Edit: And the answer is yes, I have the will to waste 14 more minutes of my life. And I wish I didn't. Won't bother watching another one of these. Bye 🙂

  10. I have to disagree. I believe that THIS was the worst episode to date. The writing was terrible, the acting was awful the soap opera feel was overwhelming. This episode almost sealed the deal for me to forget about discovery and move on with my life.

  11. I'm gonna say that the good parts where very good (the scifi parts) but the bad is REALLY bad. Saru death scene was just dumb seeing how we know they don't like each other and the he won't die scene he is a main character of the show! The part where they all stood up on the bridge reminded me of Guardians of the Galaxy when they all stand and Rocket Raccoon has the great line of them all standing like jack asses. Agreed on the UT.

  12. Issac in The Orville has 500 years of humanoid observation, but since it is not exactly the Union, he gets to stay on to complete his mission.

  13. I think a lot of the "moments" seem to be following The Orville. "Pop culture refs" and "Cheese Burgers and fries" But its not helping! It sucks

  14. Star Trek has always had shitty writing, plot holes and bad acting. It´s a cheesefest and I love it. Grats for making a living on just shitting on it.

  15. My new hobby after watching an episode of Discovery is to try to figure out which cannon episodes the current episode is based on. It’s usually a mix of two per plot line.

    So for the Saru plot: VOY: Elogium and TNG: Ethics. The spore drive plot was: DS9: Civil War and TNG: Force of Nature. The Great Evil from Fifth Element plot was: TNG: Masks and Tin Man(my favourite episode of all time).

    It keeps me entertained, like a drinking game lol

  16. I think in terms of the universal translator, I feel the idea in proper Star Trek canon, not this fake STD bollocks, is that early on it was just based on more basic audio dialect translation and developed to pick up more on brain waves and such. There’s hints at this in a voyager episode when they find Amelia Earhart and some other ancient missing humans and they all demonstrate that they each hear each other speaking in their native language, showing it’s a mental translation as opposed to just an audio-based one.

  17. What if the Black Booger was written to be a variant of the Engineers' Black Goo? Would that make STD watchable? Things that make you go "hmmm…"

  18. Again not a great episode but at least on the right path– everyone's on the same team to solve problems. It's crowded and confusing but if I summarize it, it sounds like Star Trek. Gotta say though, while I DO want this show to survive and improve, I'm finding it tough to keep tuning in…

  19. I would have like to have seen the Pike enterprises. With a polished retro look …. That would be something. 4 story lines in 43 minutes is just crazy.

  20. Star trek enterprise is very cool but the underline feminist undertone in the writing is really taking away from the whole spectacle.

  21. I haven't watched std since episode 3 of season one, and wont, I will celebrate this shows demise, which I fervently hope is sooner rather than later.

  22. You seem to speak in a lot of absolutes, "this show will never be better than less than awful" "it can't be good" "very little talent". I think the cast is really good, I am really enjoying this season, but it seems you hate this show. Why are you even watching it? If I disliked it as much as you apparently do I would just stop watching. So I am genuinely confused and would like to know why you are watching?

  23. If I remember correctly, there was a lack of budget after producing 3 episodes, and a change in direction and writing to make up for a smaller budget moving forward in Season 2.
    That may be why things improved slightly. Think instead of showing off, STD.

  24. I think I get it now. The remaining fans of these anti-STD channels aren't just star trek purists. They are alt-right bigots who are against it on principle for old fashioned right wing ideological reasons. Half of them won't even watch it so their beliefs about it are grounded in nothing but bigotry.

    What I find most distasteful about this is that as the show has improved and addressed each criticism, these channel owners are forced to maintain the fountain of hatred just to keep their subscribers.

    I feel sorry for you mate, you have built a channel whose primary purpose is now to manufacture bigoted opinions for the alt-right. I bet you didn't even realise what you were turning into.

    You will of course succeed in forcing CBS to shut down all their Star Trek programming for another 10 years. I hope that makes you happy.

  25. I canceled my CBS all access last week, and I was FORCED to actually speak to someone over the phone, in a sleazy attempt to keep me as a subscriber. CBS is getting desperate!

  26. Number one had more presence in 3 minutes of screen time than SmG has has in 1 1/2 seasons. I spent half this episode daydreaming about a show centered around a Captain Pike’s Enterprise

  27. I'm sooooooo tired of you guys taking trash about Star Trek Discovery. It's a great show that I'm enjoying. So with that, I'm dropping and blocking all further post of Nerdrotic and similar taking heads. So I'm out… there is nothing wrong with this show although some episodes are better than others. It's an escape for an hour and that's what counts and I enjoy.

  28. They are desperately trying to save this show, but too many cooks spoil the broth. I’m not a Trekkie but have been watching Star Trek since its original run, this is just a mess. From turning up the lighting in season 2 ( i guess they saw the Orville’s brightly lit set) to awkwardly showcasing the rest of the bridge crew ( which has no chemistry together) and the manic storytelling it smells of panic from the boardroom. And what’s with delaying Spock’s appearance, by now I don’t even care.

  29. >Pulled out of warp

    That's not how it works. If the writers were Trek fans they would know this.

    I'm confused. So did Pike just abandon the Enterprise or is it following them? Realistically the most senior officer on the Discovery would have taken over while Pike commanded both ships from the Enterprise. There is no reason for him to physically take over on the Discovery.

    Also the line trying to explain why the Enterprise doesn't have holograms is lazy bullshit.

  30. I liked the episode but I thought the universal translator was an audio thing, but the crew were all actually speaking in those different languages. I think a dub over would have been better

  31. i didn't watch it, i gave up, when the episode came out i came to realize i have less interest in watching it than episode IX.

  32. hey do you know that the cbs chanced the air off discovery so they go live 30 min befor the orville now so they can steall peopel that watch the orville

  33. the way to fix Discovery is to have Michael wake up in her prison transport shuttle like "oh it was all a dream, off to jail you go" and then start the series anew

  34. 5 writers for one episode? I guess they've never heard the very wise saying that " A camel, is a horse designed by committee"

  35. If I were a beautiful actress who had to constantly watch my weight, every scene I did where my character ate I would demand a cheese burger.

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