Stadia APK 3.2 Teardown | Discovery

Hope you benefit from the video and thanks to your love and assist! 0:00 – Intro 0:30 – Undertaking Hailstorm 0:53 – New Joke Code 1:13 – Referral Modifications 1:46 …

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29 thoughts on “Stadia APK 3.2 Teardown | Discovery

  1. Gaming experience to the next level? Sounds like that feature that was promised where if you were stuck on a level, you could ask Google Assistant to fetch back a YouTube video showing you how to get around the problem.

  2. So much cool little discoveries! Heilstorm (or what was it) it’s clearly the upgrade to ray-tracing and next gen load times

  3. I'm thinking it will be an external webcam setup on your phone, similar to Streamlabs OBS, tied into Stadia's Youtube integration. This promo event would reward subscribers to your channel or something like that.

  4. That part about the gaming experience makes me think that project hailstorm could potentially be Google bringing 120 frames per second support to Stadia.

  5. *Puts on tinfoil hat. I believe project hailstorm while happen in the month of july (fireworks and a hailstorm are similar in terms of what is happening in the sky) and might be a bunch of promos/free weekend (or week) for games with no pro required nor any payment option during the week or weekend.

  6. I think project hail storm is going to be a new advertising campaign along with an announcement of a lot of AAA games 🙏✌️✌️🍻

  7. Having game and party chat on the app would be great and even better if it could work while playing on other devices like the CCU for bluetooth headphones

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