ST: Discovery S3E6 “Scavengers” Captain Foley’s First Reaction Hangout

Be a part of Captain Foley tonight at 10pm EST (3am UK) for his first response to “Scavengers”, which is episode 6 of this season of Discovery. Some stuff we predicted …

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46 thoughts on “ST: Discovery S3E6 “Scavengers” Captain Foley’s First Reaction Hangout

  1. Here's the reason for the A suffix. Time travel is illegal and the NCC-1031 was destroyed officially. The 1031-A is officially an homage.

  2. My first thought when I saw Disco refit – awesome, finally. My second thought how the F are we going to build a model kit of that…

  3. Oh, I didn't notice the "A." I mostly enjoyed this episode, but based upon this and the "Ephram & Dot" cartoon, which erroneously added an "A" to the ORIGINAL 1701 refit, they seem to not understand that A, B, C, and D, refer to separate ships, not refits of the same ship.

  4. I think rebranding the Discovery as NCC-1031-A is warranted here, because I doubt Stafleet would want to hide the fact the Discovery is the same ship that got destroyed several hundred years ago. They are trying to cover it as a new ship.

    Noticed the "neck" part of the Discovery? They gave it a very Enterprise-D look.

  5. Burnham getting demoted from First Officer was STUUPPID! I understand it was done for cheesy plot advancing purposes but Kira, and Riker, and Spock, and Data, and Worf, and many other Star Trek characters have been directly insubordinate many times before and always only receive a lecture from their commanding officer. Whatever games they are playing with Burnham's rank and status as a Discovery crew member is just boring and annoying to me. I like many elements of this season, I just find the overall character drama arcs to be kinda clunky and annoying.

  6. Bernham is the worst part of this show. I'm sick of how she just doesn't learn and keeps making the same mistakes again and again.

  7. Stupid nerds… you ask how does the refit make discovery more maneuverable then question why did Books ship reconfigure itself rather than turning around… im going to let you geniuses work out the rest ok?

  8. Though I agree with your feeling about the uniforms from a logical point of view, they are symbolic. The crew of Discovery isn't truly a comfortable part of this new federation and still needs to prove itself like Tilly said…. It's not until that happens when they will dress in the new garb. As for the ship… It will need to survive with the tech. I am also concerned about Calypso… But back when it was written, S3 was just an idea linking everything… I don't think it would be wrong for them to imply a visual correction to the scene. So Calypso can still be possible.

  9. I liked the episode. I think Discovery is being smart, they're retelling old trek stories with their characters, and adding new B stories to them. Like you said, escape plot we've seen, last week we had the same LaForge out of phase story. But the character stories are put inside those boxes, which is sorta what a lot of Trek does. People really hated on Sn 1 and 2, so they seem to be trying to play it more to Trek.

  10. Me and my old trekkie friends Think… the effects are great but the Story and the scripts are utterly crap. So f** bad.
    This is really bad written…

  11. Weird that the Admiral told all the other Captains to not speak of Discovery's Spore Drive when in the previous episode Discovery Spore-Jumped right out of the Starfleet/Federation base in front of all the other ships.

  12. Programmable matter; Someone found the "swirly particle" feature in their visual effects program and are now using it for all its worth every chance they get.

    Detachable nacelles: Whether something is 'attached' physically or magnetically, there is still a force upon all connected parts, so I can't see an advantage in having less mass. Plus, mass apparently isn't an issue for Star Trek, as they've had inertial dampers since (presumably) Cochrane's first warp flight. If that's not cancelling mass, then I don't know what is. As for more flexibility; on engines? Try that in KSP and see what happens!

    Rant over 😀

  13. Like the conversation with Saru and Tilly. pitty Tilly wasn't a full Lieutenant she would have made an interesting first officer

  14. I think this the issue with the command structure of the Discovery, it wasnt clearly identified who was the second officer. if we look at the enterprise Sulu was the second officer, so the helmsman of the discovery should be next in line.

  15. Captain, hadn’t even clicked regarding the Calypso episode – the writers can’t even keep their own timeline coherent. I agree with you though, bring back Lorca – such a brilliant character

    Edit – Georgiou calls out “San” in the flashbacks, I noticed that Georgiou was much younger too and wondered if that was BEFORE she became emperor as “San” means “honorific” in Japanese (I know shes Malaysian but follow me) and with the inclusion of the bloodied Red Angel – I postulate that Georgiou’s “San” is in fact Mother Burnham who ended up in the mirror universe. Burnham Snr (knowing Georgiou would be important to Burnham) mentored Georgiou so she wouldn’t be ALL bad and was killed fighting alongside Georgiou as they attempt to overthrow the previous emperor. Mirroring Burnham Jnr’s reasoning of where her red signals appear. What do you think?

  16. Ive just watched it and the first thing is the 'A' after the 1031. I thought the A would denoted a new ship with the old registration WTF

  17. I personally am begging to think that The Burn was caused by the mirror universe merging with the prime universe. I also think the debriefing guy was lying about them drifting apart, or they think that. I do see a shift in the way it handle the multiverse. Instead of Multiverse they look like to be embracing the pocket/dimension universe theory

  18. My understanding of Slipstream is, that Dilithium is still necessary for raw energy generation but the Benamite is part of the deflector assembly refocusing the deflector beams to project the Slipstream ahead of the starship which it can then warp into the Voyager experiments made that clear to me.

  19. How many times did Kirk disobey orders is this just Burnham hating, Spock broke order Data, wtf Barkley, so many others, LOl and Georgiou is next in rank followed by Reno then Stamets so let's see if they follow the rules

  20. Keep the old uniforms its unique and really , really retro …There is an obvious down side though, which could cause problems if they do not change
    is they are all prime targets for information and interrogation by 'baddies' for whatever ? by whoever ?…lol

  21. I loved the scrapyard planet, so much to look at in those scenes, i know the plot there was standard sci fi fare but it looked cool.

    Also was great that they wrapped it up and got off the planet and there was still like 15 minutes left of the episode. The pacing of it this week was spot on.

    Plenty of interesting side plot going on and I really am looking forward to new episodes each week.
    Wonder when we will meet this new bad boss lady…..

  22. For suffix on the ships numbers if its NCC 3333333333333333333 so on, it would have to be so small or rap around the whole ship. So doing NCC 1701A if an when you, go back around it could be NCC 1701 A1. An for the Giorgio in the one fash back sounds like she said her son.

  23. 😂 captain it’s space stuff doesn’t exactly rust out . So yup a ship could sit around a million years unless a rock randomly hits it or something

  24. So you get star trek was never a by the book show and someone breaks orders in almost every episode of every series? Where are these military fan types coming from..

  25. Also, why didn't Starfleet go.."You have an instantaneous drive… We'll copy that and install everywhere.. just like we upgraded your ship.. problems of space travel resolved?"

  26. I wonder if the detached nacelle design is so slipstream can be angled in flight, instead of straightline travel? Like one could be moved forward, the other back, like in industrial drive equipment? Also raising and lowering to optimize the slipstream tunnel.

    Problem for me is that slipstream is supposed to be faster than warp travel… So I'm not sure why the range is any issue for these ships. Also dilithium isn't a power source, it's a power regulator… So why does it get used up so fast as if it is a fuel…and why does dilithium glow in this time? And why does no one notice?

  27. Seriously! Most of the characters were great in this episode: Saru, Georgiou, Tilly, Stamets, Adira, Linus (lol), and to a lesser extent Culber and Gray. The only reason I could say Burnham was any good was because her bad behavior was FINALLY punished.

    I'm really tired of the show creators attempting to shoehorn Burnham into being the hero every damn episode. It's like they finally learned how to write Star Trek, except for always forcefully pulling focus to Burnham. I'd really like to have a different crew member be the main character for each episode, at least in a B or C plot, and not have them get kicked off the ship/show afterward!

    We need some bridge crew episodes, definitely a Linus episode, and they need to resolve this Adira/Gray situation. I'm personally not a fan of characters that only exist in another's mind/atypical mental state/imagination/hallucination, etc. I thought Culber's resurrection a season or two ago was too hand-wavy at best, and they could've just as easily not had him murdered from the start (put him in a coma or something if they wanted to keep him around), but I feel there isn't a way to split Gray into a separate consciousness from Adira without more hand-wavy actions that break Trill lore. And that's a shame because I'm liking Gray as a plucky happy kid amid all our dour characters.

  28. I don't watch Discovery because of the last two seasons being so horrible. I saw the clip about the nacelles detaching. I can believe that the transporters take you apart and beam a rebuilt copy of you down on the surface of a planet but Nacelles that detach from the ship sounds completely over the top. How do the Nacelles get power from the engine? How do you control your warp bubble when it is not attached ? I know it is all science fiction. Visually for the audience I just don't see detached nacelles being a cool visual effect. It is more cartoon and just silly .

  29. Cap'n, the pronunciation of GIF files…
    it's a soft 'G'.

    Back in 1990 when I worked at NASA/JSC and was introducing color printers that produced screen shots from the monitors using .gif files to send the images, I had an opportunity to discuss gif files with the inventor of the file format.
    He told me his mnemonic was "Choosy perverts choose GIF" as a takeoff of the Jif peanut butter commercial.

    I suspect the Magi ship class also uses a soft G, ala magician.

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