ST: Discovery S3E13 "That Hope is You – Part 2" LIVE Predictions and Speculations

Be part of us tonight at 5pm EST (10pm UK) as we do our remaining prediction video for Discovery Season 3. That is proper we might be taking a look at and breaking down the …

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17 thoughts on “ST: Discovery S3E13 "That Hope is You – Part 2" LIVE Predictions and Speculations

  1. Capt Foley, I just saw the last episode. Perks of being in US Territory of Guam. Overall, I enjoyed episode. I did have few issues; think Turbolifts, thats all I will say. But I will say this much. On previous show you mentioned these two things. They will finaly change their uniforms and Lt Sahil

  2. Does anyone else get strong Odo vibes from Vance? Even down to the actors faces, and build? Doesn't really smile, just a rare half smile or smirk. Strong sense of justice too…

  3. They showed Voyager quite prominently so I'm going to bet on a character from that show. I'm torn but probably EMH or ECH etc, maybe Janeway, or, maybe, just maybe, Kes 😂 but really the kelpian and ocampa similarities are uncanny…

  4. Hi Captain Foley & Commander Cockings, you would think that the Admiral would have put a device on the Discovery that only Saru and his security head that would shut down all system on Discovery, In cause of it falling it enemy hands.

  5. It is not bad being single, It is sad being without at lest Two people to can share you thought and opinions with HA that is why TREKYARDS IS HERE FOR.

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