ST: Discovery S3E12 “There is a Tide…” Captain Foley’s 1st Reaction and Discussion Hangout

Be a part of Captain Foley tonight at 10pm EST (3am UK) for his first response and dialogue on Episode 12 “Die Onerous”, excuse me, excuse me, “There’s a Tide.

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16 thoughts on “ST: Discovery S3E12 “There is a Tide…” Captain Foley’s 1st Reaction and Discussion Hangout

  1. Regarding stinky feet/schoes, we have anti-bacterial materials nowadays, so in the future that would probably work even better. But I'm with you on wearing shcoes without socks, I don't like it either. Just feels wierd. I'd rather walk barefoot, which I did most of the time as a kid.

  2. They only said that the DNA wasn't replicable. Stamitz never said that the tech couldn't be replicated.

  3. I am curious about the argument that Discovery is getting better. I really don't see it. The writing is as awful as it's always been. There's still barely any characterisation, tho a few of the bridge crew have names now. e.g. WHO is Saru? his character (like most peoples) is all over the place. He goes from being overly focussed on the mission to the extent that he'll just let Georgiou die.. to two episodes later abandoning his urgent mission to sit spend hours talking with a hologram of an old kelpian. Nothing is consistent in this show. Like declaring Discovery a secret and Spock saying he he can never mention Burnham's name again to Vulcans saying it was an honour to meet her! Or Subspace communication being next to impossible and planets being unable to talk to one another, to Burnham sending a msg to her mum on Vulcan via her wrist watch! Or Detmer having PTSD and then suddenly not having it. None of the decisions anyone takes make sense either. Like Tilly becoming XO. Or Osyraa commiting an act of war to ask for a peace treaty. Or Vance agreeing that Emperor Georgiou can remain part of Discovery's crew, but there can be no peace until Osyraa (who's commited way less genocide) has been tried. So what's actually got better? Because I don't see it.

  4. My instinct is that they say "tech you can't replicate" doesn't actually mean they can't replicate the parts in a replicator. The verb replicate meaning copy and make it work. So they cannot make a working spore drive for some reason i.e. Paul's DNA. So they cannot replicate the spore tech. Poor choice of words due to the existence of matter replicators.

  5. Sorry I missed the live, the state of this awful show means I've not been watching it when it comes out and so I'm behind you when you're doing the lives. The writing is just so bad.. Osyraa genuinely wanted a peace treaty.. yet she thought forcibly taking a Starfleet ship would HELP that cause? She could have just arranged a meet.

  6. so heres the bad hollywood writing part: they have a robot army on board but it needs this emotional reveal that they are controlled by the spheredata AI, implying that on their own these robots have no use, would do nothing, couldnt be reprogrammed by the crew or anything???

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