ST: Discovery LIVE Discussion Did They Stick the Landing for Season 3

So at this time at 5pm EST (10pm UK) we can be having a LIVE dialogue on whether or not or not Season Three of Discovery Caught the Touchdown or Dropped the Ball. Be part of us …

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20 thoughts on “ST: Discovery LIVE Discussion Did They Stick the Landing for Season 3

  1. I was watching an Episode of TNG last night and I came across the episode where Weasley Crusher suddenly was magical enough to manipulate a warp bubble with his eyes closed and It instantly reminded me of the Kelpian that caused the burn.
    Then I started laughing at those who found the concept ridiculous.

  2. It was bad! So bad! The Burn was a tantrum from a magical child! Writers are idiots and Michael Burnham is the worst character I have ever seen.

  3. Star trek used to be for a smart audience. Those times are gone :/
    Discovery and Picard are so incredible dull.
    It has no intelligence or real science anymore. It's a future action fantasy show – not SciFi and that is Really sad

  4. Love Discovery. But I get the feeling of a WOKE Hollywood vibe that's been introduced into STDy. Lots of women moments which I have no problem with, but with only 1 male character Admiral Vance. 2 young none binary lovers, freeing slaves, an oppressing capitalist regime.

  5. They dropped the ball completely:
    -The Emerald Chain could have become the new big bad filling the role that used to be filled by the Klingon's and Romulans.
    -The reason for the "Burn" could have been a continuing mystery over several seasons.
    -They could have run a season long story arc with Admiral Vance responding to one of Burnham's bouts of insubordination with a court martial and dishonorable discharge. Georgiou and Booker would leave with her and later we discover this was a Section 31 plan to brand them renegades so they could infiltrate the Emerald Chain, identify all the players and determine if the EC was responsible for "the burn".
    -Think of all the possible stories relating to Discovery's crew helping to synthesize the spore drive and making it the basis of all 31st century FTL travel.
    -Imagine the fun of revealing what the designs of a new fleet of ships based on a synthetic spore drive would look like,
    -They could have multiple stories of the political dynamics of recreating the Federation,
    -Individual stories of the crew discovering the 31st century,
    -The exploration of sections of the galaxy now made accessible by the instantaneous travel of the spore drive,
    -and so much more.
    The universe only had to be created and none of these issues had to be resolved in this season.

    They threw it away for what IMO became the dumbest SciFi show EVER! Discovery is to Star Trek what the sequel trilogy was to Star Wars, complete with its Rey Skywalker character in Michael Burnham who is elevated to hero status not because her backstory demands it or even justifies it, but because the show runners needed it for an agenda unrelated to telling quality Star Trek stories. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a Favreau or Filoni out there who can save this shite show. I gave it the whole season and it just got worse and worse. It could have been great if they concentrated on telling good stories instead of virtue signaling to their Hollywood SJW echo chamber.

    This isn't Star Trek and you guys make way too many excuses for how bad it is. As long as fans do they will just keep serving us this crap and telling us it's our fault if we don't like the taste. Personally I’m done making excuses for it. The show SUCKS!

  6. Season 3 was okish. Saru keeps me watching, I still hate the Michael Burnham just wish they use her far less in episodes, just to much bad stuff, they really need to step up there game on special effects like starship shots better cgi models etc..

  7. Short answer, NO, this is horrible science fiction and really really bad science fantasy that it has morphed into as well, But hey, all the fans who don't understand that real reward she be earned will love the fact that Michael Spock gets "her?" ship back in the end becauses she deserves it? When the hell does the Orville start again so there is actually something to watch that is star trek related? Because STD and Picard aren't cutting it and even though lower decks is marginally better it still has Michael Spock as the lead, errr I mean the animated version of Michael Spock, Beckett Mariner, they both have male names and their intiials are basically the same MB or BM, they are the same damn character, aww fuck it, the whole thing is just awful overall. The only bright stars in this whole thing have been Gabriel Lorca, can we get a show with him as the lead? Admiral Vance (Thank God he didn't turn to out to be evil, but they have another season to F that up!) and finally Janet Kidder as Osyraa, she knocked her performance outa the park, to bad she had to die, Oh and because she did the entire Emerald Chain collapsed? I call BS. And I guess now that there is only one planet in the entire galaxy to get dilithium I guess this show should now be called, Michael Spock Dune instead of Star Trek Discovery. Please forgive my rant, but I used to like Star Trek.

  8. In the 24th century the fed can block telepathic and telekinesis so definitely can block or strip him of his power both book and su'kul

  9. Big fail the whole season was a Cry-athon murder turture nothing to challenge the intellect on concepts like Star Trek used to do

  10. I understand them taking a season to adjust from one century to another and I really like admiral vance, but I still find myself wishing that Ronald d Moore or some of the previous trek writers assisted them this season who understood lore better. Still the best season of Discovery and I've enjoyed it for all three seasons. 🙂

    As someone who endured pre season three tng and ds9s early seasons, i think discovery at least is trying something different even if it faces the two season curse and like both examples is vastly improving in it's third season.

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