Splash Island Laguna – Manila Day Tour – WOW Philippines Travel Agency

Include WOW Philippines Journey Company in Manila as we take a day journey to Splash Island in …

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25 thoughts on “Splash Island Laguna – Manila Day Tour – WOW Philippines Travel Agency

  1. Hey.You need to go to palawan and cebu me and my family went there last 2 years it was one of the most awsome adventures i ever had.

  2. @WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. I'm so excited to go there! I got a ticket!!! WOOHOOO! I'm just a kid. This Water Park is AMAZING!!

  3. go in the LA VISTA pansol it so cool there have a zoo to! and many adventures! there some paintball , and zipline , car racing on the dirt and more adventure and pools large slides! it so cool & nice in LA VISTA PANSOL! GO THERE I WILL WATCH IT!

  4. Rick, Next time na when you fellas visit the pi again. Am wondering if you could video clip sky walked in Cebu city oo one of the hotels in that city have a sky walked. Lowie lucero

  5. Hello Andrielle Mae,

    Thank you, and yes we all love the water very much, it's awesome, especially in Boracay. The Philippines is such a great place to be, especially to raise a family.


    Rick & Jane St. John

  6. thanks buddy, all ur videos has giiven me much information. so now i can decide where i have to take my kid. thanks again and have a wonderful day.

  7. Hello Lowie,

    I have not heard that, but it would be really great for the Filipinos, they would really love it.


    Rick & Jane St. John

  8. Hello,

    Thanks for your comments, Splash Island is really great fun for the entire family, you will certainly enjoy.


    Rick & Jane St. John

  9. Hello,

    Thank you for your comments, I hope you will visit Spash Island as it is a really fun place, and very clean.


    Rick & Jane St. John

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