Spirit Island – Playthrough & Review (Beginner Setup)

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23 thoughts on “Spirit Island – Playthrough & Review (Beginner Setup)

  1. Sorry for the less than idea audio quality in this video, but Los Angeles finally got some good rain! 😂

    What are your thoughts on Spirit Island?

  2. Man, that was the smothess play of Spirit Island I've ever seen. Kudos to you for making great calls and making good use of the spirits synergies. Paired with a bit of luck in the explore draws made for an almost flawless run.
    When I first saw this game and 1h of video run time I figured you had lost, but boy was I surprised.

    I need to get mine to the table again. Maybe soon after the New Years.

  3. I bought this over a year ago, tried it solo twice as learning games before teaching it. I first played with Naveen's spirit, and won easily because of the ability to ignore fast/slow powers. My second game I couldn't even wrap my head around it and got so discouraged I quit! I've played a lot more games since then, and have also heard this is way better with two people/spirits, so I think it is time to teach this to a friend and give it a proper shot. Thanks for inspiring me to pull it off my shelf as well!

  4. YESS!!!! I bought this game like 8 months ago on a coworker's recommendation but haven't gotten to playing it yet. Hard to find someone to sit through the learning curve with me. I should probably just give it a go solo.

  5. 0:15 Who is Kevin Reuss?

    0:20 A BGG top 20 game, #1 solo game and in your shelf of shame? That’s a shame!

    23:34 since you are only planning to play one card your first turn you might consider revealing top presence instead of bottom for 2 extra energy (in this case, with this spirit you have to consider 2 turns ahead. Most do what you do though since waiting until turn. 3 to play 2 cards feels too slow). In general, that’s the key to the game. You need make a plan at the beginning of the spirit phase, instead of approaching each serially, and have a decent plan at least 2 turns out, even if it changes.

    25:22 swiftness can be for any power, not “that card”, it’s important because your innate is a power. Most FAQ questions come from not carefully reading the terminology (don’t worry, I still make this mistake).

    26:06 it’s good to get into a habit of not moving the invader cards until after the end of the invader actions, lest it get confusing. So many times, I rushed things making it difficult to reverse what I did when I realized I got something wrong in a theoretically undoable manner. When I do everything in the specified order, it is easy to fix an error.

    30:03 I thought you were placing on sand so you could double on presence next turn and prevent the ravage that way.

    30:35 the spirit markers are useful for marking which islands have which effects(oh, you did this later, MB). In solo games I even grab some of the ones of a different player color so it’s easy for me to mark specidically which card action is in each land. If it is a defend action, i will put a die on the shield too.

    30:46 looks like your first oopsie! I could have sworn you played that card last turn so it should have been in your discard. What I do is place my discard pile face up but upside down to the upper right area of my player area so I don’t accidentally reclaim them after playing (face up is being played, sideways is activated).

    Mission accomplished. Skipping to your reviews.

    1:11:00 Next time, you really need to read out loud the names of the power cards as you play them for extra thematic appreciation.

    1:11:30 How could you not mention that the bad stuff (invaders and blight) is plastic and the good stuff is made out of wood and cardboard? You definitely need to lose at least one game (play at a difficulty higher than you are) to really feel it. All that white (and grey) plastic on the board in as the island moves toward looks disgusting.

    1:12:50 for replayability , also there are different island boards, different ways of putting together the island boards, the thematic side plays different, different power cards will be drawn, and there are different difficulty levels with a clear progression in the rulebook and on the scenario cards. Expansion adds more spirits, more invaders, more powers, an event deck, more fear card, more blight cards (2 in the base isn’t enough variety to really see it), and even more island boards (jagged earth).

    1:16:37 but there is. Branch and Claw adds the event deck and Jagged Earth greatly expands on it. With Jagged Earth though they balance it so the swingyness of an event deck doesn’t collapse the game early. I just started to play Jagged Earth and I am in awe of the spirit and invader design in it.

  6. Haven't commented before, but i've been watching a bunch of your videos since you were on Rahdo's list and your channel is so great, so glad to see a spirit island playthrough as well! Might be my #1 solo game and yall did great. Definetly agree on not underestimating letting the dahan do your work for you, especially if you can generate them like River Surges in Sunlight can. Playing River and taking the major power Wrap in Wings of Sunlight is so satisfying. The rainstorm in the background actually felt pretty thematic to me lol

  7. Hi, I want to thank you for all the really really good rule and review Videos you make. You made me buy a lot of games :).
    I am even just looking the videos because I enjoy looking.
    Your portfolio lacked of good coop games :). But then I watched Spirit Island which is my No. 1 here at home. Where cool you played and enjoyed it. Happy to see more Spirit Island Videos coming up ☺️

  8. Been waiting for this since I found your channel. Excited for you to post more about Spirit Island and to hopefully get jagged earth at some point!
    Great content!!

  9. Really nice video and I for one loved the thunderstorm sound effects!! They seemed so thematic for a playthrough of Spirit Island! I am really glad you walked through a basic level play of this game, and for your honest feedback of the first play. I played this game once at 4 player with 3 newbies and did not have a good experience. But I LOVE thinky co-ops so i will definitely go back and give it another shot using the suggestions you present here.

  10. The perfect solo game. It’s a bit crunchy at higher player counts — but might be fun if everyone knew what they were doing.

  11. I like Spirit Island as well. But I always feel like their could be more spirits, which is why I am excited about the newest expansion (more spirit + changes to the basic spirits).
    But there are also things I do not like so much. The first expansion introduces new tokens and while some of them are nice, I never liked the beast tokens. These are also linked to one of the two spirits which come with the expansion. To me this one seems a bit more luck dependend, because it needs the right power cards. The first expansion also introduces a new event deck (optinal) which got mixed opinions (in my play group). The events can be really bad, mess you up and add a bit too much luck. I did not mind it so much, but in rare cases it was frustrating. In the end we selected a few event (~10-12) cards, each player knew and put only them in the deck. This way every player knew what could happen and how the odds are. It is a good mix of luck and preventing luck.
    Also I wanted to add, that spirits feel different at different player counts, because of the increased board size. Some spirits are too slow and more focused on an area, not the whole board. I find this a nice extra and good to introduce new players, so they only have to focus on one part of the map, while feeling very powerful.
    Owerall this is one of my favourite games (even though we house ruled some parts). Just dont play too many games in a row the same day, after the 3rd game you are done and cant concentrate on anything 😀

  12. Thanks for this. I, like you guys it seemed, had a hard time getting into this game. It can be overwhelming and this was a great video.

  13. This is hands down my favorite game. Love the fact that you're spreading the word on this gem. I would love to see you play it more often. Also… I've been playing wrong for like a year. I've been exploring from ANY invader spot, not just the towns and cities. I'm pretty excited as this means I can amp the difficulty up and I might still win. 🙂

  14. I've got this on my wishlist, so loved the play through. Thanks for all the content this year. Looking forward to plenty more of it in 2021. Happy New Year to you both!

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