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38 thoughts on “Sphere Data Emerges Star Trek: Discovery 3×12

  1. The comment section of this video tells me Star Trek is dead and this travesty of a fuckin dumpster fire show is all we will ever see again.

  2. Nice to see they at least know which end of a phaser the ammo comes out of. The black pretend vulcan didn't. This show is such shit it degrades the other series.

  3. People in the 24th century know that obesity is not healthy and with all the medical advances we seen in other star Trek show (the good ones), they would prevent ir and there would never be a fat crew member on a Federation ship and that is one amongst many other reason why this show sucks so bad.

  4. How are we supposed to take the pudgy girl seriously? In an real military organization she'd be on food control and extra pt and couldnt have passed basic.

  5. I'm starting to get bord of this season.
    Start rebuilding the Federation or Fack off already.

  6. How that they can communicate with the Sphere data, doesn't that mean they can now replicate the spore drive? Surely it has the necessary data to make that possible.

  7. People complaining because the acting doesn't measure up to Shatner's academy award winning style. Lol. "Khhhaaaaannnnn!"

  8. Oh look the sentient sphere data became sentient in bots….. Er cool now they ca. Go back in time and stop Picard and ai hatred bullshit from happening

  9. It is not the end in season 3. It will continue in season 4 and then find out the final connection with Calypso. But it going to be a time travel thing to keep the sphere data safe and the spore drive.

  10. Seriously people can you stop watching these clips if all your going to do is shit on the show. I’m having a blast so stop ruining it for everyone.

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