Speed Of Some Mail Delivery Would Decrease Under Proposal | NBC Nightly News

USPS Postmaster Normal Louis DeJoy is ready to implement a brand new strategic plan that features larger postage charges and the elimination of a first-class tier of mail …

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27 thoughts on “Speed Of Some Mail Delivery Would Decrease Under Proposal | NBC Nightly News

  1. The USPS has been heading off course for 15 years DeJoy didn't do that. Since he was appointed by Trump he will never get credit but he has made some correct changes and the letter processing machines and other equipment he deactivated was the correct move we simply don't have the mail volume to justify them any more. Our delayed mail goes back to Patrick R. Donahoe and the consolidation of our processing plants.

  2. So Democrats control the House, so why is Louis DeJoy being allowed to gut the Postal Service where it is hand over to the DeJoy's greedy friends in private sector?

  3. my postal delivery person stopped by my house three times a day! First they bring junk mail then they bring some small packages later that day then toward the evening they bring my actual mail? How incredibly insufficient! Even Obama figured out the post office was broken.

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  5. Crazy little fact for everyone: Post Master General which is the position dejoy is in is the second yes 2nd highest paid position in the entire federal government only after the President of the United States, so dejoy gets paid more than the Vice President and speaker of the House of Representatives which are first and second in line to the presidency….

    DEMOCRACY like JUSTICE MATTERS 💭🙏🏻🗳💭🤔💭🧐💭🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Why on earth is he still in this post!?? hes a republican fundraiser who has nothing to do with post or dems or bidens! FIRE HIM! he was put there by the guy who tried to overthrow the government!!!

  8. I thought the post office was making money!? What is that Dejoy guy doing with the $$?? Never should the postal service delayed- Never!

  9. Fire that guy. Unless you REALLY want Fedex and UPS to dominate the market….
    oh wait, they do already.

    No wonder amazon started doing their own deliveries… Post Office already isn't that great.

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