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40 thoughts on “Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Angel Island

  1. Can somebody make me know who directed the music in chronicles?

    and why wasnt there anyone of the other games?

    (Ive been hearing the whole soundtrack… some of them are actually good… but i underestimated the negative chaos of some of them)

  2. If this was made for a game with a better soundtrack it would be truly great, as it stands it sounds cool but is really held back by being on probably the worst OST of a Sonic game ever.

  3. I was told this game has the worst music. Listened. It seemed bad. Years later. Listened to it again and realized it has sonic cd remix

    That alone immediately made me like the music regardless how bad the chips or quality. and I regret claiming this game has bad soundtrack after years and can now officially claim in my ears there is no sonic game with bad music (you can all disagree it's all good but I have an obsession with sonic cd music haha)

  4. ngl, I only looked up this ost because I was curious how many were coming here to comment "WoRsT sOnIc OsT eVARRRR!!!1!!1" or something of that likeness.

    Don't worry. I completely agree.

  5. Bad music bad game play bad everything I expected this to be a good rp game but I guess not it's just like the rest of the other things in that generation BAD

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