Son Left Traumatised After Gruesome Dog Walk Discovery | It's Me or the Dog

Canine coaching professional Victoria Stilwell helps a son who made a grotesque discovery on a canine stroll transfer previous his experiences and study to benefit from the expertise …

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30 thoughts on “Son Left Traumatised After Gruesome Dog Walk Discovery | It's Me or the Dog

  1. Sad for what he went through, but he's doing great! I hope his dad grows a little emotionally so he can be more supportive and loving.

  2. No the real story is they ran from me and the little pus wouldn't even come to me when I spoke get clothes while her man is begging me to marry him for real

  3. Sean needs serious help. And he shouldn’t walk that route ever ever ever again even after therapy. Find a route without that house. And get that kiddo in therapy ASAP

  4. She ain’t just a dog trainer. She’s a people trainer. It’s amazing how working together with your pet can give you a chance to communicate better with one another. Another win for Victoria

  5. This dad is crappy…. Poor kid. He needs to see a therapist not to be yelled at! No kiddo you don't need to "get over it"! You have ptsd and it's normal when your a kid. It's traumatic for anybody.

  6. What he needs is therapy and someone who understands. And I wouldn't doubt if he has ptsd because it's clear he does. Maybe anxiety as well as depression.

  7. I suffer from severe PTSD and its hideous – this boy needs therapy and a psychiatrist for help with his fear and anxiety of leaving his own home or walking his own dog. They need to give this boy the tools to cope!

  8. I'm planning on getting a puppy in March, but I'm debating on getting her chipped with a GPS tracker, so just in case if she gets lost I can find her. Unfortunately though, I remember seeing a video of a dog having seizures because of the tracker, and that makes me scared of possibly getting my dog chipped. Should I do it, or not?

  9. Umm, kids make excuses all the time about doing any chores, so how was the dad supposed to assume that it was due to a serious traumatic event? Anyway, thank goodnes this kid is as tough as he is, as he will eventually heal. He is already an example of extraordinary fortitude, and he probably doesn’t even know it.

  10. These are supposed to be adults? It's impossible to even watch the stupidity of these parents. This poor kid. You've got a great kid and you can't even empathize or support him.

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