Some Pay TV Subscribers Have a Big Problem With Discovery+ | Discovery Plus Review

DISCOVERY+ REVIEW: Some pay TV subscribers aren’t comfortable that reveals they have been looking forward to years are actually being streamed completely on Discovery …

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33 thoughts on “Some Pay TV Subscribers Have a Big Problem With Discovery+ | Discovery Plus Review

  1. Discovery double speaks. They constantly contradict each other. Not giving them a penny after they screwed over loyal fans.

  2. Discovery+ isn't even a year old… You have to give it time to find its place… Discovery+/Paramount+/AMC +… At least give them all a year before you start to complain… When Netflix first started nobody complained because it was something new was never done…but when other streaming services started to pop up then people started to complain… Discovery+ is not cable… And most of the shows that were moved to Discovery + were not doing well … And the Nilsson rating system… stated people are more likely to watch shows on demand rather than live…. If there's a party on Friday and you want to go but you don't want to miss your favorite show… That's why streaming services are doing so well the freedom of watching that show whenever you feel like it… I remember when I was younger run home to watch afternoon cartoons.. or I would be mad if I missed Saturday morning cartoons… Missing one show could throw off the whole season…

  3. I was able to watch new episodes on the regular travel channel but some episodes like Cecil Hotel are only on plus. Alot of ID new content is only on plus as well, looking at you Kenda

  4. I signed up today and so far it's AMAZING! They have so many channels under the Discovery brand and yes, it's literally the same a shows we watch and then some! Best $7 I've spent lol

  5. A video straight to the point 😎. I've been working on similar content and maybe you should visit. I'm sure you'll find see a lot of cool info on this topic on my channel too.

  6. I'm 83 and live on a tight budget. I won't be able to go to this without giving up Panorama. Love to listen to jazz. So gotta miss out

  7. No one is commenting about those of us who watch tv via satellite, and do not have enough expensive bandwith also via satellite to stream anything!

  8. Just wanted to comment a bit. Almost ALL Travel Channel shows are moved over to Discovery+ for this season. Nothing on Travel Channel is new this season. They started the new season and after 2 episodes, moved everything, EVERYTHING, to the streaming service. Dead Files, Ghost Nation, Ghost Adventures, Expedition Bigfoot, Kindred Spirits, Mountain Monsters, to name a few. Its Bullshit.

  9. Okay, i want to make sure of something because i hear so many deals. Discovery+ is not bundle with Disney+, correct? Can i watch the new Ghost Advertures on Discovery+?

  10. Yeah I want to know how come they're putting all the new TV shows from the Travel Channel on there and I'm paying for the Travel Channel to watch this stuff and now I have to go somewhere Else to watch my new TV shows that's appearing on Discovery Channel Plus when I'm paying for own Brighthouse and now I can't watch my new TV shows at appearing now that's not right not right at all

  11. Every show I watch on the Travel Channel is only airing new eps on Discovery+. I dropped cable and do Philo so I could just get the main channels I watch. Now I can't watch the shows because they moved to yet another pay service. People might say it's only $5.99 a month. That's not the point, and I think this is only the beginning. More and more channels will opt to do something similar. There are already so many options out there. By the time you keep adding all these options you'll be paying as much as you were for cable. It's complete BS, and I'm pretty pissed that I can't watch the shows I want now. Screw 'em! I'll find other stuff to watch where I'm not getting screwed over.

  12. I got discovery plus for 6 months from verizon im loving it. The only shows I found that I watch upload same day as airing on tv ,are guys grocery games and diners drive in and dives.

  13. As a cord cutter I love Discovery +. I watch a lot of HGTV and Food Network and I like binge watching. One thing I don't like is the channels they will be having. House Hunters, House Hunters International, and Property Brothers will be on 24 hour channels. You will not be able to chose the episodes you want, you have to take what they give you. I don't see why they can't give us every season of these shows.

  14. I’ve had it since it started. So far, 14 shows that I used to be able to watch on Philo are now only on Plus and air next day. These are from The Travel Channel and ID. If A&E join Plus, I’ll drop Philo. One thing I really don’t like about plus is that there’s no guide for when new episodes air. I’m having to keep a written list of the 14 shows and check each one weekly to see if there’s a new episode

  15. People that are paying for cable, pay around $100 – 200 per month can easily afford D+ as it's only $5 or $7 per month. So why are they whining? Not because they care, but because they need something to whine about. Also. Nobody is watching cable TV anymore. If Discovery+ wants to make money, they are gonna have to do it this way.
    And besides. This is what every streaming service is doing already. Disney+ for instance did the ultra extreme and removed their entire television channel from most countries. So stop complaining about Discovery taking some of their shows off their channels. Seriously. Stop whining. D+ costs less than a coffee at Starbucks.

  16. Getting screwed by the network tv industry really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Expect more of the same. Most of their content is crap anyway. I just don't get why so many people are willing to pay through the nose to watch network shows. There's so much more content available to watch now. Just dump live tv if you don't need it for sports and move on to greener pastures. You'll save a lot of money and find better stuff to watch.

  17. I do not pay for cable or a live streaming service. It had been years since I had any of these shows. I like Discovery +. It’s priced fair and adds a different kind of content to my viewing. Love the nature shows, travel and food Network! Since I haven’t watched any of these shows in years, they are new to me!

  18. I personally like discovery+ I got away from TV services years ago as I find it pointless to pay high prices for a hand full of shows that I may or may not be able to watch depending on my schedule. Discovery+ has alot of shows the I usto watch frequently but have found to be dificult to find or expensive to rent. The low cost and few commercials make the numerous glitches in the service worth it to me. Hulu recently jumped their price for live tv and I opted to downgrade as it was not worth the price to me to have to pay for the service 3 fold (subscription fee, commercial commission, internet connection) for no increase of value. Discovery+ gave me back a large portion of my shows plus several I have been unable to watch for years at a fraction of what I was paying hulu live.

  19. I think Discovery + it’s trying to push everyone to their new service, and eventually very little programming on cable. I think with all these services, sooner or later, either people are going to get tired. They will start canceling subscription, this is not cord cutting anymore. When you are paying for internet $59.00, then $6.99 for Disney, $13.99 for Netflix, $ 14.99 for HBO Max and finally 64.99 for YouTube TV it’s a lots of money. Not adding Hulu or CBS, Peacock and Discovery +. It’s a new way to suck more money out to customers………

  20. I like Discovery+ so far, but it's predatory practice of taking popular shows off of the channels and moving them to their service is a very obvious tactic to corral viewers, and basically hold hostage their favorite tv shows.
    This will probably be done by many, if not all, of these provider specific streaming services and is more akin to what I call the AT&T (UP YOURS) business model.
    IMO it shows a total lack of respect for customers, which unfortunately, is now the rule, rather than the exception.

  21. I was hoping to replace Philo with Discovery+ since I only use Philo to watch 2 shows (so 20$ is a little high) however, none of their new episodes go to Discovery+ within a reasonable time & each of them have terrible back-catalog support on Discovery+.

    So, I cancelled my Discovery+, sigh.

    Those shows are:
    > Pawn Stars
    > Forged in Fire

  22. I think they are testing the ratings out and seeing how they compare to linear. This may only be a temporary experiment that will help them determine how much longer they should be investing in linear at all.

  23. So far I've lost two off my Comcast pkg: Property Brothers Forever Home…and Dr Pimple Popper..Discovery+ says "exclusive"…this is so wrong

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