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50 thoughts on “Some Good News!

  1. Loved the songs and your singing just one thing I feel like it would sound amazing if you were just like loud and proud I guess I mean just like pure confidence because your good

  2. Me over here second guessing myself on my singing and rethinking my dream to be a singer and him over here singing and having a whole album.

  3. Your voice is really nice :)) you should maybe try some vocal lessons so you can learn how to belt healthily, it sounds like you’re straining a lot but it’s still really good!!

  4. I loved the overall vibe and the singing but would recommend shortening the intros to have singing earlier on. Other than that I think the music is brilliant 🙂

  5. Decided to try it for the heck of it and was expecting to not like it cause i don’t really like youtubers’ music but i was pleasantly surprised. You have a great voice and the melodies are good and i actually added some of the songs to my favorite playlists. Nice work!

  6. They sound like really good study sesh songs, my only note is that the vocals were buried in some places, especially like Pearl. Maybe try leveling out the mix? Overall really good though!!

  7. The main song isnt bad it just changes tone & style way to many times like one moment im relaxed the next im in a night club its still a good song tho keep it up!!

  8. Oh my god some of the opinions I've seen on the album are so silly! Like "some of the transitionings are weird" or "this is weird". Owen labeled the album as an EXPERIMENTAL project. That's the whole meaning behind the genre, it's supposed to sound unconventional and different! If you go into it expecting it to sound pitch-perfect and instantly catchy, obviously you are going to find flaws. It's not meant to be "radio-friendly". Open your minds a bit and you will enjoy it more! 🙂 I personally loved it! I thought it had some beautiful melodies, was cohesive, and flowed great for a debut album. Music is a form of art and will always be up for criticism, but at the end of the day, it's not art if it's force-formed to fit other's expectations. Also, to Owen, just discovered your channel only recently and love your ASMR! Looks like you have two talents going for you! I'm really into music as well obviously, so when I saw you announce an album I was like "Eh, why not give it a listen?" 😀 which is what fueled me to want to leave a comment for the first time 😂

  9. hey dude! this is unrelated to the video, but do you have asmr/can you make ASMR without the mouth noises? the asmr is so good but i just get really uncomfortable when people make those types of noises and i click out of the video. tysm 💕💕💕

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