Solskjaer's Transfer Gamble! Man Utd Transfer News

Man Utd are keen to gamble on a Premier League title with their January switch technique. Is it backing Solskjaer although? Get the most recent Man Utd Switch Information …

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38 thoughts on “Solskjaer's Transfer Gamble! Man Utd Transfer News

  1. If I was in charge we would never see Pogba play for United again! I quite liked him, but he always have a few fantastic performance than his form drops, rumors starts to show up he is leaving, he is not happy and he come back in the team and do a few fantastic performances! I heard him say he needs a new challenge, his agent said unforgiving things about our club and the same old story for years now! I am fed up!

  2. Just find it hilarious how they all make a noticed effort to big up Matic to appease Ricky’s feelings. Because Ricky’s on no one says a negative thing about him or they clearly make an effort not to.

  3. Maguire can be a great centre back on his day but he needs a pacy world class player next to him but if we sign somebody from another league like badashille there is no guarantee that he is good enough for the premier league and there are other players like that.

  4. I don’t think we should get a CB this window, we should wait till summer . We have Bailly and TUANZEBE who could partner Maguire, and still have Victor as a back up or use him to rotate with maguire. I’d actually like to see the back 4 of AWB, Eric, Victor, and Shaw

  5. The way these guys talk about Ole and his systems make him sound like a pro tacticans. Let's be real Ole has one tactic part the bus hit on the break that's it.

  6. Rickys defense for the Maguire and Lindelof pairing: YOU WON’T STOP CONCEDING

    Goldbridge: Baily and Maguire have kept 8 clean sheets out the last 10 games they played with each other.


    Brooo this guy.

  7. Strange don't you think? Eversince 2015 we "need a centreback". It looks like we are looking for the flawless defense, which does not excist. Or are we looking for a centreback for every situation of which we might/could concede? It may be hard, but we can keep on looking for centreback if that is the case. By the way, if you don't want to believe me, look back video's back made in 2016!
    If you think Liverpool is more or less the same like Manchester City, you are dead wrong. Try to analyse opponents first, their way of pressing is way different and if you get in to Manchester City match like you do against Liverpool you will run into trouble. Believe me, you will!
    Let's just forget about van de Beek and sell him. Sell him to Real Madrid or Juventus. Atleast to a good club who actually rates van de Beeks quality. It is obvious that Manchester United has not got the quality to actually rate players correctly.

  8. Good day Mark, Maguire in these past two games have being awesome with his recovery, tackles and also his long range pass. With Bailey, I think Maguire was transformed. But we still need a CB, a CDM and a quality right winger to sustain this title challenge

  9. The second half of the season will see Man city settle down and start hitting results consistently. Maybe even the favs to win the league. Liverpool will continue improving, but they will draw a lot. The better United do, the less options Ole will have and he will again start to believe he is a good manager. he will start doing his stupid selections and tactics. Ole's United always play better when they are not playing for anything in particular. Once the pressure begins in crunch games, Ole is found very much wanting. Don't get carried away people.

  10. Lindlelof is weak gets caught out with crosses in the box, strikers always get a run off him. His headers are poor cant win the ball in the air

  11. Ricky is a LVG merchant. At least we can say we are excited about our games now and we know what to expect to a certain extent every game ie. Bruno/pogba interplay with rashy and tony. Bailly is very good at bringing the ball into midfield which allows us to start and sustain more attacks. He also allows maguire to focus on defensive organisation and winning aerial duels. Mcfred allows our full backs to bomb on. Look at liverpool having hendo and milner.

  12. Ricky wants United to play so negative, Mourinho calls Ricky Mourinho.. He wants one lung Matic to play.. wants four lunged James to play.. wants one legged Mata to start on the wing.. So Pragmatic and Depressing..

  13. Ricky you are the most saddest thing that happen in football cause you no nothing in the setup and why is Pratt here thought he went back to Nottingham

  14. I'm actually convinced Ricky would've loved if Sam Allardyce was our manager. Put 10 men behind the ball when we are defending and just play Dan james on counter attack. His logic's are actually laughable and that is why I stopped watching this show when Ricky's on ages ago.

  15. Regarding Bailly vs Lindelhoff, I think there are occasions when we it would suit us to play a deeper line. Against Wolves, we compressed the midfield and allowed Wolves to cut off all the passing lanes because of the way they defend. In that scenario the slower CB pairing can help create more depth in the pitch to stretch the defence forward more.

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  17. I don't thing we can hang the "Should Ole buy players in January" on Ole.
    I don't think for one second that he is sitting there thinking, "Y'know what… I can win it with this team…"
    He should be in the board's ears… "Y'know what… we could possibly win it with this team plus one or two players…"
    We get that the young players they are bringing in are exciting future prospects.
    But don't let this Golden Opportunity go by focussing everything on next year.
    Cos next year is like tomorrow, it never comes.

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