SOLO-SQUAD Alcatraz WIN! (Rebirth Island – Warzone) Mini Royale Sucks

My Finest solo-squad win on the brand new mini royale mode for Rebirth Island! The kill depend on this gameplay is a bit shorter than my regular movies, however with Alcatraz …

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32 thoughts on “SOLO-SQUAD Alcatraz WIN! (Rebirth Island – Warzone) Mini Royale Sucks

  1. Solo Rebirth is hard. Solo Mini Royale on Rebirth is harder. And here you are, doing the things. You'll just keep getting better even when they stick us with this shitty version again. Keep that up, Bearpig.

  2. Mini royal sucks bra , 100% bring back trios respawn , ban together COD players , they have to change it back !!!!!!

  3. 1:55 in the settings there is a way to change your tactical sprint to just moving your thumbstick forward instead of double-clicking your thumbstick to tactical sprint. That'll help you save some controllers and the slide canceling is just pressing O or B

  4. I've used evey controller and I'll never change back to scuff or any other brand after using battle beaver the back buttons are nice but the smart triggers and stick tension is just better than anything any other controller offers you definitely need to try one next time you need a controller

  5. I run a stock Xbox controller with a strike pack eliminator no mods just mappable buttons I think it’s called it has four buttons not paddles it feels good then i added trigger stops donuts it is the most reliable rig I have ran . If something breaks I just replace that part of it .

  6. That last team was to spread out as you said at the end of the game live. But that's what happens when you play like a bot good game

  7. I came from the live stream to watch this. Hopefully when they bring back resurgance it comes back with bo4 alcatraz rule set!!!!

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