Solo Camping An Uninhabited Island – Coastal Foraging A Seafood Feast – Part 2

Day two on the Solo Island Tenting journey. The wind offers me a slight break whereas coastal foraging for a meal match for a king! This is able to be top-of-the-line …

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45 thoughts on “Solo Camping An Uninhabited Island – Coastal Foraging A Seafood Feast – Part 2

  1. What i like about this guy is he is down to earth there is no fakery, no over excitement, explains why he does things the way he does. Great show.

  2. "I think this wine bottle must've had a leak, or something. Seems to have been emptied quickly."
    Mmmhmm, I see what you're doing there. Love the videos, dude. Now that's living ^_^

  3. I wish i could do same just like u doin now but i can't. Im too young around 20s and i have commitments to my family 😭

  4. Shoes/sandals are a must when you do this! also doing this with nothing would be sweet! you basically have everything but the meat that you get from the sea right by your tent

  5. When I used to go camping I would pride myself on eating well. Some people thought camping meant living off of canned beans. Me and my buddies grilled steak or chicken every night, but this Australian blows my game away!

  6. Camping adventure, coastal foraging my a.s you came prepared with a cooking pot and stove dude. Fishing rod and boat. The only thing missing is a TV and you have it better then most people have it home.

  7. I wish i could do these things… living in Lappland Sweden is just such a different lifestyle. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence i guess.

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