Small cozy untouched Abandoned time capsule House found with an unexpected discovery!

On this episode, we discovered this lovely untouched deserted home the place the whole lot has been left behind someplace in Belgium. From vintage furnishings to …

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27 thoughts on “Small cozy untouched Abandoned time capsule House found with an unexpected discovery!

  1. Móveis trabalhados na Madeira, louças, tudo lindo e organizado! Obrigada Jeff!😍😍😍😍💓💓🇧🇷🙋‍♀️

  2. Hi Jeffrey, I really liked the intro (nice shirt btw) 😊
    Cats, cats and more cats. I loved the large cat face painting in the hallway at the top of the stairs. I wonder if the family actually had any “real living”cats as pets.
    It appears that the owners have passed away but you can tell they shared a lovely marriage and a beautiful home filled with their love of artwork and CATS.

    Ah, the sewing machine surprisingly looking quite modern. I like how she kept her sewing spools hanging on the wall for easy accessibility. I wish we could see some of the things she had made.

    The bathroom next to the sewing room was gorgeous. That wallpaper alone wow, mirror and sink fixtures, Omg I loved it so much!
    Many fine artifacts in here, beautiful vases and the two clocks. (I ❤️ clocks). I’m so happy that there’s NO vandalism whatsoever. For being a small home, it’s definitely a charmer and seems like there is plenty of storage in there.Yes it’s very inviting and it wouldn’t take long to get nestled in.
    Jeff, you are always so respectful to every place you visit and I really appreciate that about you. That means you did it with love. I also enjoyed the style of music 🎶 you selected, very suitable for the home. Thanks for sharing another great treasure. I loved every second of every minute of it… Belgium is Beautiful
    Stay safe in every way Jeffrey… ♥️🙏❤️

  3. Hi Jeffrey, Wow, this is indeed a real Urbex gem, you could explore – so untouched, a legit time capsule!! – Thank you for sharing this interesting
    explore in the small untouched house. I was also quite surprised to see so nice and beautiful items completely untouched. – The former owner
    apparently had a true addiction to collecting loads of figurines with the cat theme. – How touching to see these items nicely arranged in the show
    cabinets! – There were also some really decorative pieces of furniture visible, and of course I loved especially the beautiful chandeliers. – One looked
    as if it had been made by the world famous art glass company "Murano" in Venetia, Italy. – That green item with the many buttons is actually
    a music instrument. At one end you can blow air inside, and with the help of the keys you can create – a bit comparable to a piano – beautiful
    melodies. – I enjoyed watching, and so I wish you a good and blessed week.
    Stay safe, peace and kindest regards from now surprisingly sunny and warm Switzerland.

  4. Hi Jeff bro, wow what a nice find mate probably a deceased house and the family have left it like that or it’s in the court’s for probate only a guess like. Wow how many cat statues in this one house, very quick explore here Jeff bro don’t want you guys getting nicked by the cops. Thx Jeff mate for sharing your vlog with us.

  5. Hola, realmente acogedor hogar, y definitivamente le gustarían los gatos a la familia. Cuantas pertenencias olvidadas… Saludos hasta el próximo video 👍

  6. Hey Jeff another great video we jus alwyz pray for ur success in every step Amen🙏 …love u.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️sad to see these beautiful Houses got empty everything left behind except those memories nd the best thing is when u alwyz respect them salute ur kindness 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  7. My aunt had a cat collection like that, it was creepy. Gotta ask, do you have an attic and basement phobia? You seem to always avoid them. I get it, because I don't do basements either!

  8. I absolutely adored that home. I can only imagine the lady of the house had an elegant style. I really loved the 2nd bedroom, the bathroom (not the downstairs one🙂) and the living areas. I'm always speechless (maybe that's not the right word) at the sight of the art work, the woodwork on the furniture, the lavish styles of furniture, fabrics, wallpaper and the owner's special flair that ties it together making it almost ethereal. The pictures of the couple together gives a more intimate view of love that was shared in the home, making it bittersweet as it sits silent and abandoned. I do love to collect certain things but wow! That was a lot of cats! The sewing machine you pointed out was newer than the antique Singers you usually see but Singer is a popular brand. My guess is that was an 80's model. I think a lot of the clothes may have been made. Just looking at the set up. My mother is a very accomplished seamstress and still makes some of her things. Even though she has several different machines, she prefers to sew on my great grandmothers antique Singer. The first thing you pointed out and asked if we knew what it was, I believe was an instrument of some sort. An electronic recorder – like an 80's trend. Something I vaugely remember but googled and saw some similar. And the the wooden stand upstairs I think that was made of wood, I could not tell because I couldn't feel the top or if it was hollow but it looked like a drum. I thought it was a very lovely video. You did an excellent job as always. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful home! Take care, stay safe & God Bless! xoxo💖 Kat

  9. Beautiful home. Cute kitty statues. Always love singer sewing machines. Great find. You always find the best! Take care be safe. Hope you have the best week ever. Love ya. 🙏🏻❤️🙌🏻🤗😘❤️💪🏻

  10. Die plek was absoluut prachtig, Jeff. Ik hield van het interieur van de badkamer. Je wilde weten wat die dierenpoot was, ja? Nou, het was een geitenpoot. Het aantal kattenstandbeelden was waanzinnig! Ik vond het geweldig om ze te zien. U weet hoe u mij moet antwoorden. 🤣🤣

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