Skull Island ANIME – Kong animated series NETFLIX and LEGENDARY

Cranium Island Anime Collection Introduced By Netflix after the trailer hype for Godzilla vs Kong! 🦊TWITTER: 🦊 HELP OUR CHANNEL …

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36 thoughts on “Skull Island ANIME – Kong animated series NETFLIX and LEGENDARY

  1. Am I the only one who remembers that King Kong anime kind of thing where Kong had a link with this kid

    I don't remember shit about it but it looked like a anime attempt

    Anyway this is 2 days old so nevermind

  2. anyone that know gorilla anatomy knows that a gorilla the same size as Godzilla, the ape is stronger and more dangerous. its the GOKU VS SUPERMAN ARGUMENT All over again. Goku would kill Superman but superman writers wouldn't allow it so they rewrite his story. Same thing with godzilla. They will rewrite the story to benefit a stupid lizard over an intelligent ape.

  3. I could just lick up kectup right after belly button, Goodbye cruel world BANG!!!

    JK of course,Monster Hunter rise comes out yet,and GvK I still got things to live for

  4. I hope the Mothra egg they found in the end credits of King of the Monsters ends up hatching 2 larva, like in the original Mothra vs Godzilla. That way they can cover Battra!! One of the larva turns “evil” and then the other one (who turns into Mothra) has to do battle with its evil twin. Can be it’s own movie, they could expand the Monsterverse beyond the G-man and Kong.

  5. 4:48 what you were doing was fine. Maybe experiment some more. Still I love the fact one of your videos. You scare yourself from the background XD

  6. they gonna let Kong win in the movie to promote the new series. I mean they basically gave him kryptonite with that ax, they seem to be focusing more on him, and favoring him.

  7. Godzilla vs King kong trailer says their was a war that could mean king kong and godzilla kind fought each other before maybe this is why king kong and godzilla are the last their kind
    Might be wrong throght i not sure

  8. Alteori you should take a look at "Seis Manos" it a hella of an animated series, you and your partner would enjoy it.

  9. As a fan of Godzilla: The Series and anticipating Singular Point, I absolutely support G and K monsterverse series. Give us Last Airbender quality writing, fights, and worldbuilding please.

    Also, you get points for the “Kung Pow” reference.

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