SIA pilot tests positive for Covid-19 | ST NEWS NIGHT

SUBSCRIBE ➤ A Singapore Airways pilot who initially examined detrimental for Covid-19 upon returning to Singapore – was at this time confirmed as an …

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10 thoughts on “SIA pilot tests positive for Covid-19 | ST NEWS NIGHT

  1. Please be diligent even after you are vaccinated. The comment by the male medical staff saying he can now go home safely to his children after treating Covid patients, should be aware that the vaccine only protects him from getting Covid or severe symptoms. He can still be a carrier if he is not diligent as the virus can still be transmitted via touch or on any surfaces incl clothes if he is not careful. There is still a very big question over the fact that vaccinated people maybe biologically protected internally from serious effects or symptoms but could still be biological carriers of the virus (after being in contact with an infected person) and as such still give risk to other unprotected people around. The vaccine is only another layer of protection, it is not a silver bullet.

  2. Leaders lead the inject, vaccination
    SG healthcare workers lead the inject, vaccination.
    A robust healthcare system never get covid-19.
    You are the superhero to restore our health & wealth without you we will never get well.
    Salute your courage & strength.

  3. 7:12 Thank you to the person who released this shop cam to help increase our awareness of road safety. We wont get any footages if the cam is owned by the police.

  4. 3:38 Ms Sarah Lim has gone down in history as the first Singaporean to receive the vaccine. One day her name would be inscripted in a museum exhibition.

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