Shuttle Discovery – Final Mission HD 1080

I grew up within the NASA household as my dad labored nicely over 2 many years on the Shuttle’s Essential Engine program (SSME) for Rockwell/Rocketdyne. I used to be going …

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26 thoughts on “Shuttle Discovery – Final Mission HD 1080

  1. A great example of how good John William's music..A piece penned for Columbus discovery of America is adapted for use as the music for the final flight of the shuttle Discovery..The piece is called Celebrate Discovery..

  2. Again great footage! It's sad, however, that the Space Shuttle was the closest we came to a Start Wars/Star Trek scenario for the human race and we shut it down. Wasn't a cost effective way but you would have though NASA had something to else to take over such a wonderful advancement of our race into the next generation. Still breaks my heart for those lives lost and we haven't really progressed much further in space. Now we're paying Russia to launch our folks into space. Sad :/

  3. @Alienliquid
    I spent weeks in every corner of the web – YouTube, NASA, fan-sites – private collections etc. I actually have lots and lots of great and uncommon footage that I just can't squeeze into these 3 minute vids. I plan on doing at least one more Shuttle video to show some of the best orbit footage I have ever seen. Thanks for the great question!

  4. If you like my Discovery tribute you might also like my new vid – it's a high volume 'real-audio' Shuttle launch. There is no music, just the experience of seeing/hearing one of these monsters roar off the pad. You'll need a lot of speaker system to get the effect though.

  5. @Jcsthird
    John Williams has inspired more film-makers, authors, dreamers, poets, patriots and everyday people than he will ever know. My hat is off to you Mr. Williams – wherever you are…

  6. Thanks Charlie! I'll drop you a line when my new Shuttle vid is done. You'll need a really loud sound system with a good sub though to get the effect.

  7. @GreshamUnlimited
    Thanks Daniel. I'm currently working on a new Shuttle vid that will showcase a high quality 'extreme' audio track of the launch sequence (real-sounds only – no music). Check back soon – it should be up in a week or so!

  8. @tjomka2000
    Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. Sorry your comment was marked temporarily as spam. I'm not sure why YouTube does that. I'm enjoying your channel. Your Epcot 'Test Track' vid brings back great memories!

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