Remember to show HD on! Directed by Martin Scorsese Written by Laeta Kalogridis primarily based on the novel by Dennis Lehane Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark …

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4 thoughts on “Shutter Island (2010) trailer

  1. I am reading the book and I was planning to watch the film after I finish the book… but I've come to page 205 and I think I predicted the ending…
    I don't feel like reading… Andrew Laeddis is either non existent but imagined or exists but not his wife's killer… He killed his own wife and the letters scrambled from the clue and from his wife's killer's name 'Andrew Laeddis' makes Edward Daniels… so he's a psychopath and killed his wife… I hope I am wrong… but lets see…

  2. welcome to Shutter Island
    enjoy your stay

  3. When I watched any movie of Leonardo Dicaprio acting , i just wondering how many people never believe in him , he is an awesome actor!!

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