I do know it is exhausting to imagine however the Discovery3 has been round for 15 years! Do you have to purchase one or are they extra hassle than they’re value? Let’s discover out.

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42 thoughts on “Should You Buy a LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 3? (LR3 TEST DRIVE & REVIEW)

  1. Your videos are superb, informative and entertaining. Great to have honest realistic advice from someone who knows what they are talking about. Thanks.

  2. Love your videos, so interesting & informative. I have only 1 complaint, I just wish at the start of each video you would just say month & year, ie ; July 2016 or September 2014, then it is easier to relate to time , prices , spec etc, thank you !

  3. You didn’t mention the Toyota Land Cruiser! I would say that’s the other main competitor… although they seem to be about double the price! Great job on the video! Very informative! I just brought a 2006 LR3 4.4 with a coil over conversion, 2” lift and nice sized Nitto Ridgegrappler 285/60’s on 18”Tterrafirma rims and I absolutely love it!

  4. I have been driving land rovers for 16 yrs now for my job and I have been through many incarnations of them. What they all have in common is that they are very unreliable and very expensive to fix. Great when they work though. Buy a Toyota if you can. The land cruiser was a bit more cramped but it kept going. Shoguns are OK but don't buy the new version. Get the box shape but you have to buy as near to the last few yrs of the model as the engine finally matched the car weight.

  5. I must have been unlucky with mine . Egr valve needed doing – tick. Suspension compressor needed doing? – tick. Electronic parking brake ? – tick. Failed brake master cylinder (which you didn't mention but was common too) – tick.

  6. like your videos with the dry stone walls, thats what i do build dry stone walls, currently have 2018 dacia duster, great off road vehicle, best vehicle ever had, ive had discoverys pajero suburus, suzuki duster beats them all hands down

  7. "Now i'd better talk to you about the important stuff.." oh yes please! "are you single?" ummm….yes! "do you like cars?" prefer the back seat!! "drink in my show room?" my garage is available!! ha ha ha. 😉

  8. I love British cars, they are the most beautiful and refined, I opine. I've been affraid of buying one for the high maintenance prices and dishonest mechanics here in the US, and taking them to the dealership would be out of my possibilities, but at least I get to see them in your channel. Cheers!!!

  9. Hi Matt, I really enjoyed your calm, intelligent and informed analysis of the LR3. I have a 3D Modeling and Animation business in Bahrain and travel to Saudi Arabia to visit business clients. My LR3 V8 HSE has 240500 on the clock. I ensure it is correctly maintained and I am happy to say it has returned faultless service over its two years in my possession. Driving in Saudi is VERY challenging because of road conditions and the unique and almost suicidal driving style of Saudi motorists. The LR3 has an imposing presence on the road that tends to protect me from the "crazies". I love the styling of my LR3, almost architechtural in its treatment of upright surfaces and utiliterian design. I watch your videos several times a week and always enjoy your narration and the rolling hills that are often seen in the background. Living in a desert environment it is encouraging to see glimpses of my green homeland. Keep up the great work Matt, and by the way good luck with your new academy website. Kindest regards..Stephen

  10. Those road taxes in the UK are ridiculously cheap. Also for that Continental, only 28 pounds per month lol. For this Discovery the road tax alone will cost you 3.100 euros (!!) per year in the Netherlands . Based on kind of fuel, weight and place you live. Our roads are fine but the difference is a lot.

  11. I really loved mine, but still the reliability and repair cost are bad. I finally sold my TDV6 LR 3 2008 HSE in 2018. In the last 4 yeare I had about on the average Garage repair cost per year of about 3.000 Euro. In the last two vacations I did with the car 2015 and 2016 I had the Honor to meet Land Rover repair Teams in Cork Ireland and in Naples Itally 🙂 When I sold it was because the Land Rover dealership told me that for the next Vehicle inspection sticker I need to invest 11.000 Euro into the Suspension. That was than the end. Another Problem at least in Germany is that you just can really go to real LR Dealerships what is very expensive. You hardy find free garages to repair Things for those cars.

  12. I sort of prefer the look of D2s personally, though mine lives off-road. Interesting you like this so much more. I'm sure it feels better to drive through. The only new Land Rovers that really appeal to me (relative to any other modern car) is the LR4. I love they kept the squared-off design so long.

  13. Hi friends of LRD, I want to buy a Land Rover Discovery 3 with diesel engine, but I have a question about the urban fuel consumption.

  14. To be honest the D2 was better in my opinion, it was much better in the corners with Ace unlike the D3 which has no Ace ever fitted.

  15. christ you talk crap, through the mountains i can beat most with the air suspension it cnrs like on rails, IN the outback here I towed 4000kg without effort at 100km/h for 1000 km, it is no slouch, suggest you get back to your office, cubicle

  16. Good video..Have 3 Discos at the minute (Ones a V8) superb cars..They do have their faults but they drive like nothing else!!

  17. Discovery 3 (or money pitt ) If some one asked i certainly would not buy another, Mine has had New EGR valve £1200, New Turbo £1600, New Water Pump £900 2 new batteries £350, New alternator, New compressor and the list goes on (prices not from LR garage), I can honestly say i have never failed to get home with any of my cars but this has let me down 4 times so much so i am currently looking at either a Shogun or a Landcruiser and this is from from some one who has owned 4 Defenders, 4 Discoveries and 2 Range Rovers

  18. I owned a 2006 Disco 3 V8 SE and loved it. However, I had differential, gearbox, electronic door lock and air suspension issues, which cost me a small fortune to repair. My advice would be to follow your head and not your heart.

  19. To be honest, I've only a passing interest in many of the cars you review but the combination of your openness, understated wit and the production values of each video make for an oasis of quality on YouTube. Many thanks.

  20. Great car, had mine 5 years and sold to a forum member, fantastic cars that can do so many things…….I hope my replacement L405 lives up to its predecessor…….

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