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48 thoughts on “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Discovery Channel Documentary SD

  1. In indonesia old building like prambanan temple believed builded with help of djin(genie/evil spirit) because it have the story from our anchestor(you can search for the story in google).
    Even prophet sulaiman(solomon) pbuh can control djin on its own.
    So i have asumtion , that those ancient wonder being helped by the djin.

  2. I particularly enjoy how comments have devolved in recent years. Rather than contributing to the conversation, people think it's a good idea to insert their failing humor into the discussion. Just an observation. Your jokes suck ass, kids.

  3. On the pyramid it would be more sensible if the ramp went around the pyramid, when they got to the corner all that would need to be done is change the direction of the rope and pull in a straight line in the new direction of the ramp, no need to cut corners or whet ever else was a problem for the "wrap around ramp " for building the pyramids. any way just a thought, nothing more, nothing less.

  4. external ramp theory is rubbish … would be too long and take more building material than the pyramid …the internal ramp theory put forward by the french architect seems way more lightly and has a lot off supporting evidence for it ….and even has a very reasonable and convincing reason for the grand gallery ……

  5. When…. When……WHEN WILL YOU ALL STOP THE FALSE NARRATIVE? The pyramids are not, were not, never were conceived of as tombs! The building of the structure in 20 years, a fictional account ascribed to the great pyramid of Giza is so ridiculous that the only thing that could be of greater hilarity is the support for this belief! To quarry, finish, transport, lift, place, set and excellently ensure placement of each custom fitted stone block, none of which being the same size in under 2 minutes for EACH one of 2 million?
    This might possibly be the origin of "FAKE NEWS!"

  6. Every single one of these theories on how they were build has some point of major improbability. This was really entertaining to watch and thought provoking otherwise.

  7. This documentary just recite theories without proof put out by the self serving historians and egyptologists thats have 0 proof for most of their theories, even the history books in many cases and hiroglyphs in ALL cases contradict their fairytales.

  8. Mausolus was a Carian.  Ancient Carians were White.   The remnants of statuary of Mausolus show that he was White.   His wife was Artemisia.  She was his full blood sister.  She was Carian.  Carians were White.  The remnants of statuary of Artemisia show that she was White.   So what does this documentary do….?   Show Artemisia as a BLACK.   WHY?   Because… SJW's.    FFS!

  9. Slaves back then are like workers today but called modern day slaves. The only difference is we get paid today.

  10. This is probably the 100th video ive seen on the ancient wonders over my 40 years of life. And every time ive seen one they are always changing bits of evidence or changing how they were built. But there is no doubt there were infact the ancient wonders

  11. I keep waiting to hear spy gunfire..and James bond say…hold on.lets tak e ashort break…and hear him fire at the badguys lol..when is it going to happen…waiting….

  12. NO ONE, except the pyramid builder's "who ever they or even it" was actually know's how the pyramids were built!!!!! EVERYTHING about the way they were built is all theories! No proven facts!!!

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