Senate votes to acquit former President Donald Trump

The Senate acquitted the previous president with a vote of 57 responsible and 43 not responsible.

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38 thoughts on “Senate votes to acquit former President Donald Trump

  1. The politics are huge and people in politics like that Texas governor has allowed the electricity companies to turn off the power while people are freezing to death and then he cites the reason is because of the presidents policy on energy.

  2. But I don't want Donald Trump he's such a jerk because I don't want to I want him to come back Joe Biden always wins look I don't want Donald Trump to come back I hope he goes to jail to get arrested

  3. Mr. President it is time to come back now, while all psychos are surrounded by barbed wires and secured! Otherwise, zombies may get loose and infect others!

  4. We all knew that they would let Trump go. The democrats did this to destroy Trump’s legacy and do a major blow to the Republican Party. Them not convicting Trump just gave the Democrats control of the house and senate for decades now. 2022 and 2024 is not looking good for the Republicans. This trial was done as a genius political strategy and I love it. 🙂

  5. A Trial with no witnesses , because it doesn't fit the political agenda . The issue was decided anyway , not enough senators of the 17 needed to impeach. This was not a trial , some of the jurors were conspirators . The Supremacist in chief is still on the Loose.
    Costly for both parties . Meanwhile there is no justice and it leaves place for more free Rioting .

  6. He is still guilty for 40%of virous deaths and the 5 peoples in washington.. guilty guilty guilty….he will always have there blood on his hands., but he is the devil so he don't care he is souless….

  7. "This movement has just begun". More like our nation's nightmare has just begun. Trumpism is autocratic and facist and everyone knows this, but will our democracy stay stong despite having another autocratin the future?

  8. These seven Republicans embody the true meaning of the word Patriot while the 43 GOP Senators who voted to acquit Trump are as guilty as Trump terrorizing our country. #1 is Senator Hawley with evidence of fist-bumping with the terrorists prior to the attack. No fear to face the consequences of their action in the name of truth and justice. We have to remember, there are more states and descent Americans who voted for Biden! Those Senators who voted for Trump should prepare to face all the blame for any future troubles Trump and his supporters will do. But without his Mega microphone, Twitter, Trump needs to be forgotten by American society. Americans should focus on how to rebuild our country by advocating for kindness and honesty. Most of all, we have to make those guilty pays the price of their crimes in "criminal justice." We will never get tired every day to see the FBI reporting and exposing those involved in terrorism on January 6, including Trump. We will wait every day for sane family members who want to bring their Qanon loved ones to get back to their senses by turning them to authority. Because the truth is, that is the only way to end that cult and false propaganda of Trump to get his agenda.

  9. Impeachment literally means a charge of misconduct made against the holder of a public office. Trump DOES NOT hold an office position. Stop this stupidity.

  10. The mob boss will be spending tons of money for lawyers to protect him in civil courts. His past will come back to find him guilty of several crimes. Prison is on the horizon. He'll pay for those crimes dearly. The nightmare is just beginning for the witch in Florida now.

  11. You demacrats are not normal. Mitch McConnel don’t ever ask for the American people’s help. Retire your a traitor. All you Republicans that turned heel on President Trump I hope all of you lose your job by loosing an election to keep you. Pelosi you need to go. You’ve failed at every attempt to attack President Trump only because you hate the man that got thing’s done. Biden and Harris are imposters who don’t belong in the American people’s White House. Democrat’s can lie cheat steal an election but that went unanswered even with all the evidence against them. This witch hunt on President Trump was only because the dem a rats are afraid he’ll run again in 2024 and if he does it will be very interesting to see what they’ll try to do against him. Pathetic people and they think the American people are stupid like we don’t know what crooks the Dem’s are.

  12. I visited the USA three times. All they care about is money (with exception of the academic world). Never seen people with less soul.

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