Senate Republicans Offer Alternative To Biden Relief Plan | NBC Nightly News

A gaggle of 10 Republican senators will put out a $600 billion Covid aid invoice on Monday and urge President Biden to satisfy with them. Senate Democrats are …

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30 thoughts on “Senate Republicans Offer Alternative To Biden Relief Plan | NBC Nightly News

  1. Everyone would buy a lottery ticket for $1 if the payout was $100, but he that's the way the Federal government operates. They pay out more than they take in.

  2. Democrats shouldn't compromise on anything,remember the Recovery Act and Obamacare and how Republicans were toying around not to get them passed

  3. Why is there a bed sheet blowing in the wind outside the window. Not the real white White House. Explain that… fake news. Even you biden voters should question that.. come on

  4. The media just gave you a list of politicians to vote out. So write their names down for being liars to help the american people. they aren't doing their jobs. They doing their delay tactics that hurt hard working folks. They are destroying america.

  5. The Goppers are quick to unload billions on the billionaires, then balk when it comes to returning a small fraction of our taxpayer dollars during a crisis.

  6. I have a feeling biden is going to pass away from old age, and there going to use covid as the reason, then kamala will be the first black female president, and will destroy the world.

  7. Imagine for a moment that a cup of hunger,eviction's,joblessness, toped off by the worst virus in the history of the world, is spilt on the table…….one party brings a sheet of paper towel and the other brings a half sheet torn in half to sop it up……….Who cleans up most of the spill?

  8. Who needs any extra money. It’s Black History Month. This will certainly over shadow the China Virus and the COVID Relief Bill. Btw, when is White History Month? Or is that prejudice?

  9. Republicans lost the election because Americans trust Joe Biden to get us through the pandemic while Republican leadership is genuflecting to the King of Mar A Lago. Crazy time is over!!!!

  10. Business as usual, getting nothing done! As they go out for supper or hit their favorite bar together! But they can't work together! This government doesn't care about the tax payers! Self serving pr–ks!

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