Senate GOP Has Stimulus Dilemma as Democrats Side With Trump

Republicans will probably block Democrats’ makes an attempt to have the Senate observe the Home in boosting stimulus funds for many Individuals to $2000, regardless that …

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43 thoughts on “Senate GOP Has Stimulus Dilemma as Democrats Side With Trump

  1. Yes, $2,000 in debt, but you know what? This is not Republicans money if it's God's money, so you ask you if you pay to have your fat you put your trust in God and anyway, if you don't put your trust in God even if this is his money, he created the world you'd come Meatheads. Who got money doesn't mean nothing to it to him. That's his money. Everything. Is it belongs to him now? You not even Meatheads Republicans.

  2. Democrats don't go along with with President. Donald Trump. Don't go along with President Donald Trump. He just wants to get you all. This is for you to fail, but don't don't listen to what he says it regardless of what it has to say if we have to start will start with that. God take care of Donald Trump himself. He says the needy in the park, but you let you know what the other ones are going to suffer them Meatheads. Republicans to call yourself Republicans you day you're scared. He got millions of dollars that you don't want to give it to the party. You'll excuse me. You stick your spirit speeding people you take money. You eat matter fact, you work for the American people you work for us. We're the ones that pay your check.

  3. Mitch Mcconnell You are kanalia and traitor to America and American People. Shame on You GOP Rep. Kinzinger. You betrayed milion strong Polish Americans in Great State of Illinois. You are traitor to America and you are slimeball, imbecile, ignorante and same with CNN. I am US patriot and Polish American.

  4. U.s. what did be funny at the left wing and the right-wing comes from the same bird. I just think it's how funny people think that the Republicans are so different than the Democrats when it comes to giving money out to take care of their citizens. How the Democrats and the Republicans both will beat the hell out of each other trying to get 90 billion dollars to Pakistan but they want try to give $2,000 to their own citizens in the United States. These 540 politicians are useless there was a write-up in a paper other day headed said they done a survey and that Adolf Hitler is more popular today in America then the US Congress and the US Senate


  6. Three generations are sick of Republican theocrat corporate fascists. Every thing they accuse the left of, they are. The republicans just ended their own party.

  7. I can't stand looking at McConnell and that
    CHROAT of his.I hope Frank Perdue and Loeffler loses because of this POS mcconnell.

  8. Trump is so ignorant, he’s screwing up the “Bible tea party” just to pretend he is “vital”. They’re all tripping over their egos!! LOL What a ridiculous species we are…

  9. F*** McConnell, and F*** the US Government they have failed the Greater Part of American People long enough….Your greed and doom is coming to an END……………………

  10. Mitch McConnell was fast to ask the president to sign because he didn’t want a gov shot down but he is not willing to do anything for the people . This is definitely a disgrace

  11. There are millions of people and you don't see what is happening to all of them. Really, there are people who struggled with Covid 19 as their finances dwiddled from a lost job. The daughter of a middle aged woman sat beside her at the hospital. The woman was holding a pen and paper trying to financially forge a way forward for her family. You know how you look at people and the situation of their life suddenly hit you. She was a single parent who lost her job and became infected with Covid 19. "Pay off these bills first," she said to her daughter. When I heard it, I made a dash for my shoes to tie the lace that was already tied. It was the fastest way I could hide my tears. Shortly thereafter, she was placed on a ventilator and never came back; but the calculations continued. This time, it was her daughter seeing what didn't add up when the pen had been in her mother's hand. Instead of one, she now had two papers. One looked scarier than it had been for her mother. The other was a calculation that was easier should Mitch McConnell truly represent the American people he swore to fight for when he scooped their votes. The burial cost totally ruined any chance she'd get her calculations right. These days, suffering is not just in foreign countries anymore. We see it here now. No budget or bill should be more important than helping the American people. To say $2000 is too much for Americans who work so hard to pay their taxes is a terrible insult. You now see Mitch McConnell with a stone face, not giving any reasons for his objections. All the while, he is aware that the American people want this. He even sees the hundreds of thousands of comments made by trapped Americans who are in panic mode, desperately beating on the wall for an urgent rescue. He raises his head, closes his eyes and enjoys the silence as people run out of time. In that space of time, people, like this woman, hope; they beg and pray, then pass quietly. They know it wasn't right for Mitch McConnell to hold out on them; they don't even complain or raise an accusing finger at him; they just pass away.

  12. My God!!! Things like this makes me sometimes wish an apocalypse happen just to see how people like Mitch would do.

  13. Would someone in mc donalds state serve him a large bowl of prunes, also expose the retards who make those secret deposits. He has to cater to their tight little circles. What a south end of a north bound mule.

  14. It should not be up to 1 man to approve or deny. This is partisan not bipartisan I was under the impression our government is supposed to work together !!!!!

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