Senate Democrats gear up for Trump impeachment trial, as some in GOP say it's unnecessary

On Jan. 24, the day earlier than managers from the Home of Representatives deliberate to ship an impeachment article to the Senate, lawmakers mentioned the …

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40 thoughts on “Senate Democrats gear up for Trump impeachment trial, as some in GOP say it's unnecessary

  1. Every person involved in this impeachment swore an oath of office to defend and uphold the constitution. The fact that what they are doing is unconstitutional means they are guilty of treason, sedition, and failure to uphold their oath of office. They are the ones who should be impeached!

  2. congress ,the senate and the supreme court have always had biased, incestuous, so called legal relationships. this is a major reason why america is so screwed up. its a kangaroo court up in there. everyone in washington has a stake in the outcome, especially when there is big money involved, which there always is. as a result washington is a perpetual cesspool of inbred and baked in corruption. Insist on bringing it all into a real court with non biased jurors and judges, and start putting stakes through hearts. the trump gang and their co- conspiritors, the 197 treasonous obstructing seditionists we have in office, and these 800 insurrectionist indoctrinated and radicallized rioters must be expelled , fined and locked up yesterday. furthermore , because there are so many corrupted police , military and active politicians involved there shall be no mercy or leaneancy due to the obvious embarassing situtation for the legal system. any judge that does so should be disrobed and charged. the actual volume of cases shall not be used as an excuse to dismiss them or go easy on them, even if they are connected to the "highest" or "classified" areas of government. these loopholes must be filled because abuse is rampant due to them. lives have been lost and the cracking foundations of democracy must be repaired in such ways as to not allow these kinds of catastrophies to occur again. in short ,we must enforce the laws already on the books to reach equality under the law. we must do away with the "legal" loopholes, the pardones, and the immunities. we must convict the trump gang to have security and justice for all.

  3. This is not right most of them are demarcates. Know if is no longer there president you all are going against the constusion

  4. 00:58 (Exactly, To be Productive, YES and Absolute Correct PLUS Right, do things for future and productive like Steve Jobs always ahead, right?) Let him go , he is a Good man, good American fellow citizen, working so hard for his country, at least loyalty he has INDEED, already much much better than many many , we all should appreciate this in mind plus PLS we all focus the future, PLS, all from him and his whole family also will participate and help for sure, everyone same helping each other and the world no matter earth or not same same, everything is natural, try be nicer to own people instead of versus or against each others especially your own people , Thank You for your KIND attentions plus patience, TRUEly DEEPly appreciated as well . GOD BLESS YOU, US, EveryONE ALL.

  5. Why didn't Donald Trump take these people who Allowed rioting and Encouraged Rioting to court as fast as they are trying to pursue to Get him in Court! Let everyone whose doing Anything that's Against what is Correct have these things backfire and blow up I'm They're face in Jesus name! The Locust are coming for them!!

  6. Mayor Durken allowed and encouraged violent and deadly CHOP zone, Dems called it "summer of love". Mayor Durken allowed CHOP, Maxine Walters incited violence on President Trump supporters, The Dems are never held accountable. Class action lawsuit.

  7. "You can't impeach a former president" Republicans say…. then by that logic he should be tried in CRIMINAL court immediately.

  8. GOP is still up to it's dirty tricks, and just who did what and when during the month prior to Jan. 6? It seems to me that the "insurrection" was an planned event, and those who helped "conspire", were complicit to the crimes, and are also now on the "voting jury".

    How can this be and what could turn it around? I think it's the truth about the "jury" and their participation as "conspirators" should be scrutinized and disclosed. When the Judicial system finds "conflict of interest" in members, they traditionally "recuse" their participation. Why should this be different?

    Perhaps it is time to "out" these "conspirators" publicly to prohibit their participation in the impeachment trial?

  9. The dimwitts…err uh…I meant demoncraps…err…uh…wait, Democrats, yah…democrats are afraid of Mr. President Trump. He did not incite any violence. "They " are trying to keep him from running again in 2024, In which Mr. President trump, will win. And "they" know it.

  10. Impeachment just shows that Democrats know that President Trump beat Biden. Why would a symbolic Impeachment of a man who already left office take priority over Covid relief? This is purely to cover their tracks and make sure President Trump can't take office in the case the steal is revealed.

  11. Don't let trump get away with the biggest crime since the beginning ! Trump is guilty he's not above the law ! Republicans r all hiding crimes they gave committed !!

  12. If we can impeach former presidents, let's start with Carter (giving away the Panama Canal) and the Bisexual Kenyan (Balkan Wars, etc etc)

  13. Fire. They keep talking about fire…a flaming fire. The entire point of Senate action to prevent Trump from ever holding office again and the FBI action to arrest the mob leaders, is to put out the fire and bury the embers.

  14. A pony show. Impeachment for an ex-president ?? only happens in the US. Dems just made a new constitutional rule in 2021 regardless of the original constitution created in 1787. What a sham politic.

  15. wow, she is wrong how come an impeachment makes unity she is only thinking about democrats' people not the republican people they making it even angrier for republicans or they only want to unit democrats'

  16. Mit Romney is a traitor and a disgrace as a republican senator. He's hated President Trump from the beginning. Trump shouldn't have trusted him. He's done as a republican!!!
    The left's righteous talking points are a joke and everyone knows their always lying.
    Hopefully Sleep Joe will get impeached at some point.
    There will never be any unity over this unconstitutional process.
    The people understand what's taking place. There so scared Trump will run again and that's the truth.
    In 2022, the house and senate will be back in republican hands !!!

  17. If the spineless, do-nothing, Trump loving Senate Republicans had convicted Dotard in his first Impeachment trial, this would have never happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hell is licking all it's chops. The serpents opening their poisonous tongues. Fear is gripping the soul and spirits of these crooked serpents. The Lord himself knows how to clean the swamp.

  19. What are These stupid republicans Doing. NO stimulus to Americans?!?!?! Get Rid of these Rat Bastards, If They can't do their JOBS!!

  20. It's called accountability. The Republicans allowed Trump to commit crimes while in office. They turned their head the other way and bowed their sycophantic weak little heads to their criminal Master Trump. Trump will be held accountable. Go nuclear and abolish the filibuster.

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