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41 thoughts on “Seluruh Alur cerita filmtremors shrieker island 2020 episode 1

  1. Kenapa tumbnailnya ayam rekayasa genetik njing? orng mah cacing besar Alaska yg lagi sagne dan tak tersalurkan kek wkwkwk

  2. bantu up gan,bang req alur cerita film The texas chainsaw massare,Friday the 13 th,The farm,A nightmare on elm street,Crotesque,halloween,The collector,Saw,Human centipede,Rumah dara,Deadshow,Hannibal rising,Leather face,Tusk,A serbian,Black box,Horor seven,The snow man,Asuran,The house that jack build,Alive,American psyco,The midnight mead train,Martyrs,The hunt,Wolfcreek,Patient,I saw the devil,The fvreas,Jeepers creepers,Trigered,The lesson,The neightbord,The redwood massacare,Misery,Silince off the lambs,Talon Fals,Cry havoc,Final girl,The hills have eyes,Trick,Body camp,Cold prey,Clown,The wailing,Mad detective,Cards on the table,Killers,Deep trap,A waiting.

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