Secrets of Hitler's Island Fortress – The Islands of Guernsey (WW2 Documentary) | Timeline

Guernsey and its neighbouring islands have a singular distinction which units them aside from the remainder of the British Isles. Along with the remainder of the Channel …

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48 thoughts on “Secrets of Hitler's Island Fortress – The Islands of Guernsey (WW2 Documentary) | Timeline

  1. Fantastic program. It is a crime to leave all of that history rotting away at the bottom of the quarry in Alderney. Bring it up and put it on show for future generations to see.

  2. that mister running the museum is such a lovley person, nowonder the garrison felt good on that island if it's inhabitants are all like him..

  3. Na Escócia em 1976, fiz parceria com um alemão, Wilhelm, com um barco de pesca antigo que eu restaurei. Durante WW2 ele estava parte da guarnição nessas ilhas.
    Como muitos outros alemães nas ilhas, ele estava um pacifista e quando chamado para enlistar no começo da guerra, ele recusou.
    Ameaçado com morte, ele não pudesse mais resistir. Mas os Nazis sabiam que essas pessoas pacifistas não vão a luta, mas ainda pudessem ser úteis. Assim o caráter desses soldados estava bem diferente. Ele mesmo estava uma pessoa muito doce.
    No fim da guerra quando as ilhas estavam bloqueadas, ele quase morreu de fome e ficou surdo permanentemente. Ele assertou que preferia ser cego que surdo. Música estava muito importante na vida dele antes.
    Foi preso na Escócia mas encontrou uma escocesa e quando liberado, casou e ficou lá. Eu ainda tenho saudades dele.

  4. That island is a rockhounders dream come true I would be all over that finding some beautiful agates etc lord knows what they have but there’s something there I know it

  5. Why no visit nor even mention of the uboat submarine pens built into the cliffs beside st Peter port harbour….well worth a visit. David McCabe Dublin ireland

  6. Alderney why are the residents ignorant about the concentration camps and refuse to talk about that part of history i find it disturbing.

  7. The righteous periodical appropriately need because ferry splenomegaly cheat across a tender tense mom. soft, humorous gear

  8. Saw a just post war photo once, a small cove had hundreds of German steel helmets thrown In, at depth, as you could clearly see the lids at the top of the pile, above the water. Maybe it was this quarry, just imagine!!

  9. Interesting video with some great content, unfortunately the use of the still at 26 minutes from the 80s TV show Enemy At The Door to illustrate German troops might have been a mistake

  10. They were pak 40 tires the famous 88mm and the barrel he was at there! If that's there the Famo halftrack is there ! It's the transporter for the 88mm you can always tell the tire tred of a Pak 40 88mm!

  11. All them beautiful MG 42s in a pile there just to be chucked! Makes me sad! I know they would have still used some FT17s from the Great war but I don't think they 3 upside down on the overhead photo he showed was FT17 french tanks! Maybe old Captured hotchkiss it's criminal to dump the others even thro ww2 having them in museum's even through that time! The tracks could have well been from the famo halftrack

  12. I get the impression that real life under the German occupation there was not quite as bad as it stereotypically should have been.

  13. Really interesting documentary on our home. Odd to not see any real mention of the POV camps set up in the islands. Alderney was basically one large POV camp and no mention of all the slave labor used to build those fortifications. Glad they captured some of the social history here.

  14. Really good one this. But "slave workers?!", how has that not come up a lot more in all this talk of friendly german soldiers?

  15. It’s interesting hearing British people talk about occupation when they’ve been occupying lands that weren’t theirs for years and uprooting families and destroying whole civilizations around the world A lot of cultures around the world we call this ironic don’t give me wrong it’s sad but if you study history you have to make this connection and find it interesting

  16. I have spent a few weeks in total on all the Chanel islands investigating. Fascinating and beautiful islands. However the makers of this program should be ashamed of themselves for not even mentioning the 12000 slave workers who built the fortification and every thing else!! They where mostly Russians and Jews. There are mass graves all over the place for them. Did they have a jolly and romantic time during the occupation of the islands? I doubt it. One of your interviewees even referred to starving slaves breaking into her house to steal food. How is it possible to call this a historical program on the wartime buildings etc when you neglect to deal with the appealing human suffering of the slave workers who built everything!!! Very very poor show.

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