Second Stimulus Check Update & Daily News – Monday Jan 4

Second Stimulus Test Replace and stimulus package deal replace and stimulus examine 2 replace and day by day information in the present day as of Monday, January 4th. We cowl the …

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38 thoughts on “Second Stimulus Check Update & Daily News – Monday Jan 4

  1. Let me know if you received your stimulus check money today. It was supposed to process for a lot of people today, just wanted to confirm that's true. Thank you!

  2. This is all bull shit we waited 8 damn months for $600 something is better than nothing but still bull shit them last time we was able to get into the get my payment online and update bank account information now we can’t that’s because the IRS do not want us to have that money again all bull shit!!! They making it hard for people to get that lousy ass $600 they know what they are doing it’s all bs that’s a shame and they know people got evicted had to move so their address has changed so they can’t update anything no bank info nothing on get my payment ! It’s depressing and aggravating American people being controlled and having us suffering that’s why the republicans lost in Georgia people tired of this bs especially Mitch McConnell rejected the second stimulus $2000 he caused the republican to lose in Georgia to be honest the American people is tired of all this it doesn’t matter what race you are we all are sick and tired of it! People had bank info and the same bank info and still no second stimulus wtf!!!!!! It’s depressing yes we need a change I am not a democrat I am not a republican became they all not for the people people need to stick together all races and fight for our freedom they cause racism and hatred to distract us from all what they are doing y’all be wake up people other countries been on their second stimulus and we just got ours and going through hell to get it but sit there and owe the IRS they ass want their money! My daughter still haven’t revived her income tax from the IRS nor state taxes from when she filed last year beginning of last year several people still haven’t gotten their taxes it’s all bs and watch lots of people still want get that second stimulus check they want us badly to file it on our taxes that’s so they can cheat us out of it! And I’m not taking no vaccine they came up with that quickly but AIDS don’t have a damn vaccine cancer doesn’t but they developed Covid vaccine quick experimenting on people y’all best wake up take vitamin D and fish oil omega oil eat healthy and people shouldn’t be all up in your personal space anyway also wash y’all ass have good hygiene people don’t believe in flossing or bathing showering no good hygiene Lord help us and Trump love this he gets a kick out of controlling people and the media is full of lies and bs people need to stop letting media Brain wash y’all be smarter than a third grader we need peace on earth I love all races because we all suffering uhaul business got lots of money becuz so many people has used them when they got evicted this 2021 has to be better I claim it in Jesus name wake up people

  3. Pls help Does any one know what happened if ur checking account is closed? What is the process? Will I get the stimulus check? Irs send checking account closed and bank had send back to irs ..irs website it was send to closed account..can't get hold of anyone from the irs.. pls help!!!!

  4. am i the only one still waiting who got one normally in normal bank account last time clearvalue? I hope you respond

  5. On today's events in Washington this is what happens when people's votes are stolen cheated and American judges don't investigate fraud. Because people in high places in government are being paid millions to cheat elections. We are in the beginnings becoming a communist country and judges and many politicians are letting it happen trump never lost our votes was taken from us given to biden. Since when do the dead vote.

  6. Last week Biden said that if they win in Georgia & get to control the Senate they would issue the $ 2,000 chks, since they know they will win in Georgia , he is now saying , " wait til you get your Taxes done ". Already lying his ass off & isn't even in Office yet, get used to it people. That's why they won in Georgia, they made empty promises, enjoy your lying ass President Biden..

  7. The politicians have not been hit in their pockets. They are out of touch with those of us affected financially. Equally important, why had housing continued to increase when millions of ppl lost jobs and pay cuts? I got a ten percent paycut then landlord raised my rent. Housing market rates to buy and rent keeps increasing.

  8. I received the first round of the stimulus check with no issues. I used turbo tax to file my taxes & I haven’t gotten a second stimulus and on the IRS website it says “status not available” so I called the IRS and they told me that if it says that then I won’t be receiving it and we will have to claim it on our taxes…

  9. All people that were sick with Covid during election and were not able to vote should be able to vote retroactively.
    There goes your 11000 votes 🗳
    It is a right of every American.

    How were those thousands of people suppose to vote if they were sick laying in hospital? This was not regular cold and flu much more people was affected and so was election.
    I am not supporting Trump I don’t get into politics as much but it is a fact.
    It is constitutional right of each American isn’t it?

  10. Can anyone help me please….. Get my payment portal it says that the money was deposited on January 4 to my bank account direct deposit but it doesn’t show nothing in my bank account I called the bank and they do not have nothing coming in what Candace be

  11. Now they say if your status says unavailable then you have to file taxes first even if you filed last year and got a stimulus last year

  12. I totally disagree with you. Where have been in the last 4 years Trump never did that doesn’t benefit him. He absolutely thought he could get him to change the number of votes in his favor.

  13. BK if you did voices for Trump and Raff I would have fell out. "Trump being Trump" means that he's 2 or 3 words away from an indictment/lawsuit.

  14. Didn't receive mine still having a not information or not qualifying message I filed through turbo tax. The first one was fine. However I just prefilled my 2020 tax like I do every year but won't file til ready will that affect it?

  15. Mitch is worried about the 10 percent of people getting money that don't need but not worried about the 90% that do need it

  16. I got my $600 check on 1/1/21, just checked for my son on Get My Check or whatever you asked feedback for, well.. it works except he is not scheduled to get his check until MAY 8TH 2021 !!!!!! SERIOUSLY! SUCH A BUNCH OF CRAP.

  17. I finally got my stimulus check it took a long time based on what income tax place you went through I really hope they don't play games with us for the $2000.00 check and you have a good day and waiting for Senate results excited !


    According to the IRS, the answer is no.

    They add, "The IRS is working hard to deliver the second Economic Impact Payment quickly, as required by law, while still preparing for the upcoming 2021 tax filing season. Due to the compressed timeline, the IRS is unable to reissue and mail checks and instead encourages people to file their 2020 tax return electronically to claim and receive the Recovery Rebate Credit as quickly as possible."

  19. Munchkin from IRS has American taxpayers 2nd round of stimulus under siege they tryin stiff a majority of American citizens out there stimulus check they messed up bad at IRS and taxpayers are screwed over again worst tax season of 2021 goin be the crappiest year major delays coming and over 50% returns flagged for this tax season

  20. If you checked the status of your stimulus payment with the IRS Get My Payment tool and the message says "Payment Status #2- Not Available," the IRS says you will not receive a second Economic Impact Payment and instead, you need to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 Tax Return.

  21. Haven't gotten my stimulus yet. Guess the people who drive expensive cars and eat too much need it first. I hate this country.

  22. Irs transcripts shows a date of 1/4 but online says payment information not available idk whats going on i needed that money

  23. "We are unable to provide the status of your payment right now because:

    We don't have enough information yet (we're working on this), or

    You're not eligible for a payment."

    That's what my status says as of 01/06/2020.

  24. I’m not sure if anyone wants to hear this but I see in the comments that a lot off ppl are seeing the wrong account number that do not match there’s I also saw that went I check the irs website, but the turn around was, it was the tax office account number they used that I got my stimulus check idk it’s weird but pls call your who ever you did your taxes with to see if that’s there account number they used to send out your tax money when you do your taxes with , hope this solved a few ppl problems

  25. He said 2,000 give away for people who don’t need the money ….if that’s the case let’s let him know that he doesn’t need $193,400 base yearly salary he receives.

  26. Does anyone know.. Do you need to reply for the 2 stimulus check non filter? I got mines by mail the first time. Will it come the same way?

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