Second “more transmissible” strain of coronavirus detected in UK – BBC News

The well being secretary has introduced two circumstances have been detected of one other new pressure of the coronavirus within the UK. Each have been contacts of circumstances who’ve …

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20 thoughts on “Second “more transmissible” strain of coronavirus detected in UK – BBC News

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  3. Scientifically ignorant, Hancock doesn't know the difference between a strain, a mutation, a variant and a change. Yet these donkeys are controlling our lives.

  4. I had the virus at the end of April and had very serious symptoms, but for a moment I understood what to take and in 5 minutes the situation returned to normal! let's make short … I took 4x 20mg of Piroxicam EG and 20 tablets of spirulina for the circulation of the blood and the situation miraculously returned to normal quickly, so 80mg of Piroxicam EG is the help you need for those who have the severe form … for those who have a persistent headache a single tablet of Piroxicam EG will suffice … after I went to sleep, I had conquered the "virus"; the next day I will see on google what it is> anti-inflammatory !!!!!!! Is that so !? at that time it was forbidden, dangerous haha ​​glad not to have been to die in the hospital … now there is progress: they give an anti-inflammatory but which are not good … unfortunately a few thousand additional deaths in prospect … I know I'm not addressing the right audience but the brain is the key, piroxicam is for the brain (not medrol or anything else) and therefore the best anti-inflammatory while waiting for the vaccine. and shame to doctors for not believe and let the poeple die

  5. if you know anybody who has a nose, or you know anybody who knows anybody who has been anywhere with somebody who has a nose, you have to quarantine yourselves for two weeks alone without even seeing your own wife and children. Do you think we're stupid or what? you're just making us in prison ourselves because it's cheaper than imprisoning half of the overpopulated nation, and filing cases of old people who died from other ailments as Covid cases. like the great Archbishop said recently, "this is just a cover-up for the great reset" all media channels are owned by very rich billionaires with agendas, who have political beliefs, and each media station leans towards one particular political party. This is the second time we have made a New World order since the first time in 1946. Ask Warren Buffett. It was the great depression of 1933 that began the control of the central bank of her all governments through the printing of money even though they had no resources to represent that money they were printing. Then they changed to the FEAT monetary system in 1946. It has now out run ads game, and the numbers don't add up anymore. So we are moving to a digital society, and whilst resources are being moved around, everybody is being kept locked in. Micro influencers and micro influencers who are The highest paid bloggers are paid to fill the first three pages of Google and YouTube, with only the news they want us to see. Apart from this, anybody who denies the existence of this supposed, alleged virus, is said to be a fake news disseminator. And such information is deleted from the Internet. But all news is opinionated and therefore fake just like this. just like 9/11, it is just a way of getting people to except higher security measures and more surveillance than ever before without protesting

  6. Humans: *successfully makes a Covid-19 vaccine after months of research*

    2nd corona virus strain: allow me to introduce myself

  7. Funny that the government “TRUSTS” the British public. They must as well say” please stay at home but if you can’t that’s fine too” too many people living in this country that are following their own rules.

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