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45 thoughts on “Season 3 Final Scene • Star Trek Discovery

  1. Space, the final frontier… These are the voyages of the star ship Discovery, it's continuing on misson to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, to bodlely go, where no one has go before…

  2. So kiddies, the moral here is you might kill your Captain and end up in jail, but that's no reason to not expect to be a captain yourself one day.

  3. Ripping off Dune to add to all the other shows it's taken all of it's ideas from (only 1 planet that has the resources to power the galaxies ships!)

  4. Well that's the end of that pile of crap maybe the next series they do they'll give the franchise back to people who actually understand how everything works.

  5. Not a very good season 3/10

    – is Saru leaving ? This will be really disappointing since he has had the most character development and it was genuinely pleasing and interesting to see him managing his time-travelling crew, as well as promoting Tily to number one. He was to become a great figure in the Star Trek universe

    – speaking about that, why does Tily give the con to Michael ? It's a missed opportunity to grow the character. It's like "no it's too early for you"", while she was supposed to have led the bridge crew on a death march and back which kinda saved the day as well. And they've already shown the badass mirror Tily, so that we would know that she had it in her. And what a fun dynamic that would have been, between the young Tily that still looks up to her subordinate Michael – that could not make good on her own opportunities.

    – Michael is not a captain. Not by a long shot. She has no methodology, management skills or backbone. Each season has shown how chaotic she was. And that is fine. The point that all 3 seasons have made is that Michael does not handle well not having it her way. I thought that the coming few seasons will be her still growing up and transforming that chaos into a fleshed-out philosophy of life. And then finally becoming a captain. That would have been a great ending to the series

    – now we gotta watch a Captain Burnham do what exactly ? Leading her crew into being a ship that does things its own way ? Like a sub-par chris pine's kirk ?

    I think that there was potential in that third season, especially after the magnificient season 2 ending. The first few episodes of the third season were ok, but the vibes never actually rose to anything more. Best case scenario, this would be a transitional season to a great season 4 – but still it's a shame. Worst case scenario, Discovery will continue on a somewhat surprising and disappointing political vector. They are promoting diversity – the two main protagonists of the season are black & Michael gets the con, a lot of diversity on the bridge crew, no white heterosexual male character since season 2, Adira's being gender-neutral, etc.
    All of that is great, but it does not, in itself, make a great TV show. Star Trek has always been about diversity, so this is not like trekkers are not aware & supportive of these issues. I think it's a shame that they are not using this diversity to really go boldly into a new narrative universe, as the jump into the future might have entailed.

  6. 😱😭🥳🥰 but for this end i was imagined the song of the end season 2 when Mickael Jump or season 1 when the death ship is destroued

  7. This was a very high end note episode. If they keep up this format consistently, they may end up becoming an awesome series.

  8. Warp drive returns, So there are plentiful dilithiums now to mine now
    With the Burn threat gone, the Federation is back at its knees. I hope Ni Var , Earth and other worlds would rejoin the Federation, which begs the question?
    If Earth finally rejoin the Federation , will Starfleet able to return or relocate their main headquarters back at San fransisco?

  9. I was wondering when Discovery's crew would update their uniforms. Did Tilly finally get promoted? To me it appears she's still the XO. Since Booker and other empaths can navigate the spore drive, doesn't this mean we can have more spore drive ships?

  10. Tilly should be in red because she was in command training program. But, I understand the need to make sure only Burnham seems more important than everyone else!

  11. I’m confused cause I’m the ready room behind the scenes moment Tilly was wearing a command uniform but here she wearing a science one.

  12. well this is where I get off people I do not like Burnham Now shes captain so I donot agree with that decision so season three is where I get off cant even say live long and prosper to those who like discovery Not with burnham in the command chair… sorry its not very trek of me to say that but it is very human

  13. Star trek Discover USS NCC 1031 winner's family people earth heart❤ 🖖 👑👑👑👑👑👑🏅🏅🏅🏅🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖 the end ❤❤❤❤

  14. Star trek season 3 the end …❤❤❤
    Season 4 stop….😷😷😷 film movie covid😷

  15. HOLY CRAP they shuttle bay door is shut for once. Hallelujah. Overall, really enjoyed the episode. Also first female black captain in StarTrek.

  16. One question to everyone. If you became a starship captain, what will be your first order? And what will be your warp speed code (ie. Picard's engage, Pike's hit it)

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