Schumer: Guilty is the only correct verdict in Trump's trial

Senate Majority Chief Chuck Schumer delivers remarks after senators voted to acquit former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial.

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35 thoughts on “Schumer: Guilty is the only correct verdict in Trump's trial

  1. 4 years: Russia!Russia! Russia! And the communist party A.K.A Democrats, continue to lie to Americans and some folks actually believe them. Keep the military in Washington D.C. because youll never feel or be safe.

  2. The whole world has been watching and has seen and believed that trump is guilty. He is a shameless, corrupted, selfish and heartless person. He doesn’t care for the Americans but only himself. He’ll pay all the bad things he has done and is still doing.

  3. No matter what the evidence or how much, GOP aren't going to impeach Trump as to them, Senate isn't the venue but in the court as Trump is no longer the President. Not impeachment but LOCK HIM UP according to GOP.

  4. I do not weep easily, but I weep for our nation after the despicable results of this Impeachment Trial.

    The Republicans are beyond cowardly and I hope their constituents hold them to account!!

    We are always working towards a more perfect Union, but the failure to convict Donald John Trump will be a stain upon this country forever… 😞😞😞

  5. It’s funny how these Politicians, who are all scum bag attorneys, you had a trial, there was an acquittal, now shut the hell up and let it go. You can’t try someone and if they are acquitted act as if there wasn’t an acquittal. You and Mitch need to worry about doing your jobs.

  6. Imagine what they could do with just one percent of the energy and resources they put into their witch hunt on The Orange Man.

  7. See how Schumer just keeps repeating the word lie, lie, lie? He is one lying trying very hard to distract everyone from the real 2020 rampant election fraud. If trump did not make his speech on January 6th, there still would have been a riot because there were Antifa/BLM hoodlums there hired to start it and it is now all on video and will be coming out despite the FBI efforts to keep it quiet. Schumer thinks this was the most bipartisan impeachment vote in history. To be bipartisan you need some Democrats to vote not guilty and some Republicans to vote guilty. All Democrats voted guilty showing everyone that they just follow the pecker in front of the line so this was not bipartisan. Schumer lies with every breath he exhales.

  8. Just like Russian collusion… 30 billion dollars in two years investigation…. and Wendy class came out it proved it was all a hoax A lie to the American people…. all Adam schiff's Russia collusion in the first impeachment all a lie all deception….. in fact the dirty dossier that got them the right to spy… was paid for by the Hillary Clinton election….. it turned into a coup against a newly seated president of the United States……. and after the D class that proved it all a lie and a hoax it's proven…. you expect the American people to ever believe the Democratic party again ever ?????????????????? Oh that's right you've CNN MSNBC other news that our democratically-controlled the spread China propaganda to control with the people think

  9. Your lawyers told big lies to…. they even though caught falsifying evidence in a trial…. but this was a Hollywood trial to put on for the people to change their minds…. Trey Gowdy and Tom fitton from Judicial Watch…. say none of this stuff those lawyers put on would be submissible in a real court for evidence….. kangaroo Hollywood Court that's what it was…… shame on you democrats for trying to deceive the American people

  10. A New World Order, may it never be, for it is of the Antichrist. Don't put your head or hand in with them, for if you do, you will go to hell."

  11. Not when 3 REPUBLICAN jurors are allowed to have closed meetings with THEY prosecuting attorneys to discuss the case. GRAHAM , CRUZ ,HAWLEY .IT WAS VERY OBVIOUS THE FIX WAS ALREADY IN BEFORE CLOSING.

  12. Remember the more than 100+ Police officer that were nearly burned , injured or beaten to death by the BLM and Antifa protest.

    This guy is such a farce.

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