Sailing to New Island & Outpost | Valheim Gameplay | E23

Valheim Gameplay Let’s Play – Battle, construct, and conquer your solution to a saga worthy of Odin’s patronage! At the moment we depart our starter island in search of new lands …

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41 thoughts on “Sailing to New Island & Outpost | Valheim Gameplay | E23

  1. Dope looking outpost. And your right, everytime I build it always looks better than my previous. Then I usually return home and modify.

  2. okay… i have been watching all your Valheim Videos, and you did great so far 🙂 Here is a suggestion i would love to make: When you get your first Iron, go for the Pickaxe first and after that aim for the Bow, it is the way best thing to do 😉 PS: The new Ship you unlocked is DOPE AS HELL! !

  3. You don't need an anchor. Once you jump off it stays put. Just make sure its not too shallow so that when big waves appear it won't destroy its self on the bottom or rocks.

  4. best to leave your boat off shore and swim inland, creatures will attack your boat. Your outposts just need to have a bench and teleporter with a few chests. imo

  5. Lol, "I'm going to keep it simple nothing fancy… It's just and outpost" 20min later..Arch ways, pillars, pedistals, vaulted ceilings and finished with "we're not going to get to the outside today". LMAO Looks great though. Only thing missing is a big bear rug in the center.

  6. Headpalm.
    Kage, didnt you notice when you jump out of the boat it stops drifting? It does anchor. You dont need a dock to keep it from floating away, lol. Just put it in deep enough water so it doesn't hit the bottom, mobs will break it but not if you are far away at home. Just make sure your boat is inside a workbench range, that's all.

  7. Hey Kage , those rocks you were breaking at the 8 minute mark actually outline a sunken ship. If you dig up the ground inside the rock outline you can sometimes find a hidden chest.

  8. I just hate how easily trolls, though obviously strong creatures, break the stone wall blacks in 2 hits. I mean come on…. 2 hits? don't their hands hurt

  9. 8:45 … No, Kage. No no no. I had two Trolls attack when I had just about finished setting up an outpost. I was thinking the EXACT same as you. I had a portal, no need for a bed. I could port to home base and sleep there. Then the two trolls rampaged through my outpost – they smashed ALL of my shit. They smashed my portal. And then they smashed me. I was kinda freaking out at that point, 'cause portal was toast, I realized with dread my spawn point was halfway across the map, and in my fumling-around-oh-god-oh-god state I got smashed too. Wake up at home base. Had to gather materials for a new boat (old one still at the destroyed outpost) and sail aaaaall the way back to pick up my shit. Only have one set of "good" gear (mostly bronze, some iron) because tools/weapons are so damn grindy/costly to make. So whenever you think: "Nah, I don't need no spawnpoint here." … you're making a mistake that might cost you dearly. Especially if you've sailed half an hour to get where you ended up dying. And your portal got smashed. Or you didn't even have time to set one up before you got killed – that happened to me as well.

  10. – Armor helps against the attacks of Sea Serpents. If you die on sea, your gravestone floats, so you can retreive your gear. It's just a bit more difficult than usual. Make sure you mark your death spot, since it only shows the last one automatically on the map. All older ones stay, but without an automatic map marker.
    – Contents of your ships storage stay behind in floating crates, if it gets destroyed. Make sure to have enough inventory space, when you access them since the contents can sink to the ocean floor, which makes them unreachable.
    – For abovementioned reasons, it is not really neccessary, to leave your gear at home when you travel by ship.
    – Also, coastlines belong to the corresponding land biomes and do not spawn Sea Serpents. They only spawn in the Ocean biomes. So if you travel mostly along the coastlines and traverse the ocean parts quickly if the wind is right, you will likely never encounter Sea Serpents. Being in a ship in coastal waters is probably one of the safest places you can be in Valheim, since land mobs can't reach you and Sea Serpets do not spawn there.
    3:51 You indeed do not need the wind in your back, if you want to sail. It can come from the side, even slightly from the front. You will sail in the direction your boats bow is pointing, as long as the wind comes from any direction in the yellow section of the circle of your sailing hud (below your minimap.) The more from behind the wind comes, the faster you sail. As you can see the yellow section covers most direction. So there are actually few occations where you cannot sail directly to your target.
    – Only if the wind blows from where the narrow black section of your sailing hud is, you cannot sail against it. Then you have three choices:
    1. Sail somewhere else or wait until the wind is on your side, again.
    2. Pull in your sail completely and rudder. (slow)
    3. Cruise: Identify the direction you want to go. Lets define this direction as 0°. Sail roughly +45° to that direction for a while. Then in -45° direction for the same time. Then +45° again, then -45°, and so on, always crossing the 0° direction, zigzaging to your goal. Keep track of the wind, since often it changes and you can sail directly towards your goal, again.
    4:17 Storms do never directly wreck a ship. However a ship takes occasionally a bit of damage when it hits high waves. But this is much less damage, than from hitting the coast or the ground in shallow waters. So usually it is not of concern.
    7:00 Ships without players always stay in place. (Consider them anchored). Only exception is, if a player (maybe mobs) shove them around. So building a dock is not neccessary.
    8:25 "I believe that horde mode is based on where your spawn point is." Events happen randomly, as long as all of the following conditions are met:
    1. Player nearby
    2. Workbench nearby
    3. Bed nearby
    4. Campfire nearby
    – Which event happens, depends on your game progress, but the abovementioned conditions always needs to be met. So in a world, where there is no base that meets all abovementioned conditions, no events at all happen. So if you do not like them, you e.g. can make two portal linked bases. One relaxation base with bed, campfire and other amenities, where you have no permanent workbenches. And the second work base, with all the workbenches, etc.

  11. The forest moves: usually Dwarves
    The ground is shaking: usually Trolls
    A foul smell from the swamp: usually Drauger/Skeletons
    In the little mini map in the corner you’ll see a red circle, stay within that circle when you’re fighting them or it doesn’t count and they’ll keep coming back.

  12. Kage I hope this island is a useful one because with the size of the world 🌎 not all islands are important but at least you have nice logging camp 🏕

  13. So, as far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) the raids are based on what biome you're in and the current boss you have to kill. The current boss also summons and determines the enemies for the raids. For example, when you were on the Eikthyr, it summoned necks and boars mostly. However, once you beat Eikthyr and the current boss become The Elder: The Elder would summon mid to high lvl greys and what not.

  14. The attacks (From what I've experienced on 3 different worlds at 3 diff levels i.e. bosses beaten) seem to be based off your tech/size/biome…build close to swamp, you'll get Draugr raids, etc. just something to keep in mind. The only exception seems to be if you start a new world at say, iron age. Since you technically haven't beaten the deer boss you only get the "Creatures of the Forest are restless" once. Just a tip for those that feel overwhelmed but don't want to lose your progress. Start a new world. Move your items to the new world. Delete old world once you've moved. Bingo-bongo. New world, good gear but you will have to beat the bosses again.

  15. Horde attacks are based on what boss you’ve most recently beat/how many bosses you’ve beat. At 0 bosses you get boar and neck, at 1 boss you get greydwarves, at 2 bosses you get skeleton and draugr

  16. I talked to a Viking the other day and he says you're doing fine LOL. BTW always check with Wuflgar the weatherman before you sail LOL. That "outpost" is awesome dude! If I buy this…uh…. I'm stealin all those ideas lol

  17. i just did a sailing trip on one save where i dident knew the game so well i saild and saild dident came across the sea monster it was way worse i saw a island whit the plains biom dident knew then it is the hardest so i saild along the shore shortly after i met some nice deathskitos they killed me and pretty much all my stuff was lost. i spawned on a island far away from home base cause i forgott to change the spawn and there i was nacked on some random island the base not reachable and the ship well the deathskitos can have it i used several starts till i finally reached the iron level but know i was lucky whit the seed and my knowledge is bether

  18. you boat will not float away it with get broken by enemies and the environment. I would make sure there are no rocks around the boat.

  19. The serpents are not that common and from what I have seen you can outrun them if you put the wind to your back. Again upgrade your troll armor. You have nothing better to do with the troll hide and it is the best armor you can have right now. You also need to use sneak, especially when you go into the crypts. If you are going to put a second base you might as well put a bed and a moat and MAX OUT YOUR COMFORT ITEMS!

  20. I'm catching up on Kage vids. 3 today. Also, I sailed across the map and then my portal glitched and sent me home and now I have to sail back. And I died 3 times trying to build my outpost in the swamp at the boss. It's sooo far away. I do recommend that you sail around coasts of all the local islands to find a good out post location near a swamp. But watch out for the prairies and the Mistlands. Unless you like getting one shotted in the back of the head by a death mosquito.

  21. You may have wanted to keep the ship to transport iron back, you get iron scraps from the swamp key locations that can't be teleported.

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