S/V Honeymoon Marquesas Islands (Ep12)

Welcome (and please subscribe!) to the oldest crusing channel on YouTube! This video was shot again in 2009 when Elizabeth and Seth took their Lagoon 380 …

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9 thoughts on “S/V Honeymoon Marquesas Islands (Ep12)

  1. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this set of Vids – slightly green with envy ( although V is usually green due to the sea) as all we can manage with our beloved Tonga 40 cat is flogging round the North Sea.
    Many thanks for posting these great vids

  2. Nice videos! You have lived a blessed life during your trip! Back to office?? Well, you are as happy as you`re at peace with yourself! Did you visit anytime in Micronesia? Yap! Ulithi, Fais or other outhern islands? Thanks for the video Vanuatu! My wife`s cousin lives there with his family! God bless! Take care!

  3. Hi Guys. You probably don't remember us but we met in Panama just before you went through the canal at the marina. We were aboard a Westsail 32 valley Alaya. Nice to see you are having such a good time and are safe. Fair Winds from Bob and Deb

  4. To live the life I am witnessing through the Seth Hynes videos would feel as though I'm one stop before heaven or dreaming a magnificent dresm. My goodness,I am enjoying watching these & other YouTube videos, for they are like looking through the windows of the world! Being home bound as I am due to health reasons,the Internet is basically all I have. No husband,children nor family, they are a very welcome escape!

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