Welcome (and please subscribe!) to the oldest crusing channel on YouTube! This video was shot again in 2009 when Elizabeth and Seth took their Lagoon 380 …

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5 thoughts on “S/V Honeymoon Cook Islands (Ep17)

  1. You guy's are my idols to just leave land life and follow your sailing dreams I just tip my hat to you all that do this it's so awesome,and thanks for posting it so I can atleast see a little of what it would be like to chase my dreams

  2. thank you for all your YouTube posts. was able to live the dream of sailing with you through your lens. thank you Chris

  3. you ask how did they afford this, or if you need to be rich to do that? Read their website. As far as I remember, they sell everything, from their house to their socks (on ebay), took loan bought a cat, than cruised the oceans…. Easy like that.
    Now – are you ready to invest all (absolutely all) you have into the life time adventure? Thats the difference…the only one, always… 🙂

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