Russian police arrest thousands in second week of protests | DW News

In Russia, over three thousand folks have been arrested throughout a second week of nationwide protests in assist of opposition determine Alexei Navalny.

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28 thoughts on “Russian police arrest thousands in second week of protests | DW News

  1. Hi, I am from Russia, the city of Yekaterinburg. We are tired, tired of lies, corruption. We are tired of the lawlessness of the security forces and corrupt judges. Every week our license is taken away (for example, we are forbidden to stand in pickets or speak badly about the authorities …). Every 2-3 months we have terrible trials, for example – they want to jail a high school student for building the FSB (Federal Security Service) building in the game "minecraft" and blowing it up (blowing up the building in the game). Now they want to give him 8 years in prison …. Do you think this is a joke? Do you think I'm exaggerating? No, damn it Putin’s regime … A regime in which corrupt officials hide behind the taxes of taxpayers by law enforcement agencies who create lawlessness and horror. What would you understand, in my city they shot a guy who stole 4 rolls of wallpaper … But we (society) are uniting, political factions are uniting, we realize that if now, today, we do not take to the streets peacefully and without weapons, tomorrow we will be killed simply at will. But what the security forces are doing …. All that nightmare … Society begins to radicalize.

    I appeal to all citizens of normal civilized countries, help us, demand from your politicians to introduce "special" sanctions against Putin personally, against corrupt officials, generals, oligarchs. We are fighting for freedom, for democracy, for respect and observance of human rights.

    Yekaterinburg, the city of heroes, the city of the brave.

  2. If Russians keep protesting, lets have the government arrest most of the population. Eventually, the government will give up.

  3. Isn’t Russia armed to the teeth like America? If so, it’ll eventually even out when people get pissed off enough

  4. These are not protests for Navalny. This is a protest against Putin's crimes, his murders, corruption, theft, against the terror directed against the Russians. This is a protest against the dictatorship. And Russia needs help and publicity throughout the world.

  5. Russia behaviour – arresting anyone holding a sign “ free Alexei”. Why EU and US are not sanctioning or condemning this behaviour. Far worst than China. Is USA 🇺🇸 only interested in politics when it suit them?

  6. From the one of the biggest world empire Soviet Union to the 3rd world country, that even can't compete with America and China in anything because of decades of corruption. Nowadays people don't know about russia nothing except vodka, balalaika because of nobody arrives to this country to work or make business, people only try to leave it, such a culture degradation

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