RUNNING ALCATRAZ WITH RANDOMS – VOL. 2 (Warzone – Rebirth Island)

If you wish to wrap up responsibly, or make sure that a pal or beloved one does, checkout for some restricted provide Scarf Squad …

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25 thoughts on “RUNNING ALCATRAZ WITH RANDOMS – VOL. 2 (Warzone – Rebirth Island)

  1. you know you can enable/disable in-game voice with F9? way faster than going in the options time and time again…

  2. Your Scarf Squad Teammate was pretty good in this game. Not like playing with other pro's but legit respect for his ability to help you in Challenge.. Dill is still your best Partner in Alcatraz.. With UnRational #2

  3. Lucky randoms…but I just had a dream I was hangin with Bobby, so I feel lucky to… Ggs my man as always, good to see you last night Scarf Squad ❤

  4. Bobby Bobby he’s our man if he can’t do it no one can!!!!! Tell activision to give their customers what they want Rebirth quads, and trios back they’re ruining my life!!!!

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