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42 thoughts on “#Rohingya #News – ANA Arakan Today – 17/11/2019 – Sunday

  1. And the Burmese government is taking ARSA name again and again
    Buddhist Arakan Army has been fighting for 8-9 months now
    The Burmese government is not doing anything to them
    Every day the Burmese army is killing
    How many troops did ARSA kill?
    I think no one

  2. This unjust government should be punished
    innocent people have been burned in the fire
    Innocent children with no fault in them

  3. Thanks Mr Ansari For Sharing Today The Very Sad News
    I have heard many sad news in this news
    The Burmese government set the example of the Hour with the Rohingyas
    Who knows where anyone killed and left no one to know
    Burmese tyrants have killed and burned innocent children

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