Roblox Islands VALUE LIST Guide | Diamonds Update Item Prices

I present the costs of all objects within the Roblox Islands Diamonds Replace on this worth record information! Telanthric Worth Listing: Extra Movies …

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37 thoughts on “Roblox Islands VALUE LIST Guide | Diamonds Update Item Prices

  1. hey can you play stranded it a good game its almost like islands i am a pro im close to finish the first few levels

    trust me because i played it

  2. Hi telanthric did you know the diamond porals have a miss pices of a statue and the desert lsland have the miss pices I know where the missing piecs is and the statue that have the miss pices.

  3. Dude! The War hammer is the hardest melee from this update to get. Why do you think the hammer is less than the sword. Why. It's the same amount of resources to make the hammer and sword. But. The hammer is more grindy. Making the hammer harder to get thus being more expensive. So WHY IS THE SWORD MOST EXPENSIVE THEN THE HAMMER!?!

  4. Not really sure if this is the best strategy, but I highly recommend to grind red sandstone for leveling up your mining exp.
    It gives more exp than iron and a bit less than gold, but since it’s everywhere you can get a ton!
    It only took me 30 mins to reach from level 61-62
    It’s still a big grind, but hope it helps a bit!

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