Roblox Islands has one other secret merchandise! It’s referred to as the check generator. It’s presently not obtainable, however I did get affirmation that it’s actual! If anybody bought this, they …

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25 thoughts on “Roblox Islands TEST GENERATOR… (NEW SECRET ITEM)

  1. This guy I ment on a publish server said ABC for smelters I said abc then he was really sus u said can u give me smelters then he said he was going to leave so I think he whent to my island so I left really fast then he unfriend me so I join my alts server so no one can join I checked my money he was just sus

  2. Imagine if they add led lights and if they added a upd that u can upgrade industrial stuff like smelter and u can lvl it up

  3. Because of duped items I’ve got a snow globe for 100M, Gilded steel pick for 50K and much more.. then I sell it for like double or triple!

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