Roblox Islands News | RESETTING ISLAND RESETS XP, COIN LIMIT, Small New Update

Resetting your island in Roblox Islands now ALWAYS resets your stock AND RESETS LEVELS. Additionally, regardless that the replace logs by no means mentioned there was a …

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45 thoughts on “Roblox Islands News | RESETTING ISLAND RESETS XP, COIN LIMIT, Small New Update

  1. I didn't know I reset my island and my all of inventory money I'm crying my account is yconglouise2019 I'm crying I'm really allot of stuff

  2. He didn’t grind his coins, he opened up his server and had a vending machine to donate a million coins :/ (I was there)

  3. U know how there's scammers in islands? Well I feel like the devs of islands are scammers because people spend money on the game when they keep wipeing

  4. the flying buffelkors that fly remind me on the giant turtles from terraria the fly and sneak attack while spinning in the air

  5. My sister reseted her island yesterday night without us knowing there was an update and she was furious when her stuff in the inventory was gone. I just told her after watching this video.

  6. Okay it was bad enough for me specifically
    The bot banned me from the discord
    They practically reset my coins
    I had like 7 green pages 9 red pages and like 11 blue pages I think somewhere around there and lowered all 9 them to 3 when I actually spent hours to get those
    And now this

    At this point I feel like quitting again

  7. And on mobile when you reset your island all you loose is the stuff on the island so I am happy about that.but I don't want to test this EXP losing thing. I love Win sorting wood and having sheep. Also fish

  8. everyone: fucking devs my coins give it back nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dv and telanthric:yes this is better yay no dupes and it is fun to grind yeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally a wipe update

  9. aye i used your starcode and bought robux if you see my comment please put a love thing so i know you saw my comment;)

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