Roblox Islands Live Update Event! Huge Update Today!

Reside Replace occasion for Roblox Islands / Skyblock dwell replace. Keep in mind: I’ve no management of sport replace occasions – that is the present ETA. See you quickly! Use Star …

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41 thoughts on “Roblox Islands Live Update Event! Huge Update Today!

  1. I don't know what kind of update that was, but I had $200 million, 34 snowglobes from the event which cost me $400 million. I logged in the game today and my money was reduced to a mere $600,000, all of my globes disappeared from my inventory, and some random smelters that I had on my island disappeared as well. I know this is not hacking, it is a bug in the game. If someone wouldve hacked me, they wouldve not eft me with $600,000 and wouldve taken all of my smelters not just a few, and they didnt touch the snowglobes that were on my island neither. Also some random conveyors also disappeared. Now I ask for your help, because it too me A LOT OF TIME to get where I was.

  2. I LOVE THE UPDATE SO FAR!!! yeah I lost so much stuff and I was a billionaire and I got sad, but I feel its a fresh start I was getting bored and almost quit but now everything has value! I feel like my work is worth it now!! thank you!!

  3. I have an question for islands THEY DELETED MOST OF ISLANDS PROGRSS so they lower online people playing their game by 23.43k

  4. I have losed 2 smelter and i was have 5 million money now I have 200,000 .

    my username is zamogamerpc .

    this update I hate a lot 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Im pissed rn this update sucks i lost practicly ALL my coins and i gave this update another try before almost wanting to quit the game as a whole so i decided to grind the update mainly on the economy and guess what "updating servers for update" wow BACK DOWN TO 30 LVL'S i gave it a chance and tried to like this update but i cant i just cant goodbye islands. " Till i good update comes out" None duped items GONE Coins GONE Enjoyment for ilands FREAKING GONE. Sorry in the long run this is a good step for islands but for right now i have thought about quitting but still giving it more chances.

  6. This update is so stupid! My nine year old son doesnt want to play any more because he cant finish his build coz he cant use stuff he already has in his inventory coz he has to level up to use it now! He has already spent the months grinding to get the necessary materials to get all this stuff and now he has to do it all over again??? What a load of Shit! This game is going to see a massive drop in players from people being too pissed off to continue with it! And younger players in particular are going to be upset that all their hard work on the game will be undone and they wont have the patience to build it back up all over again!

  7. I know alot of people hate this update but I feel that this is refreshing. Yes it's a grind, yes it can be hard but it gives a new player type feeling because we have to grind again.

  8. DV:-walks past this bacon gurl- Me be like:OMG IM IN YOUTUBE AND DV WALKED PAST MEEEEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Like for a chance you could get walked past DV :>

  9. me sees XP update:wew its like minecraft there is XP
    me sees u need to unlock recipe with XP:…………__________………………………

  10. im quitting i lost 87.4B worth of items which is tens of thousands of fertiles flowers and smelters and pff and refineries, plus the 12.3B that i had. Now i have 1.4m, and a few of each item that i had. screw this game! horrible update.

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