Roblox Islands Data wipe.. *WORST Update?*

Roblox Islands Knowledge Wipe Replace.. And Everybody Is Livid. Be sure that to Like, Remark, And Subscribe For Extra Movies. (Flip bell notification to All the time Be …

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41 thoughts on “Roblox Islands Data wipe.. *WORST Update?*

  1. Good thing only loose is money:) and that night I was completing my task ecenomy and I dint realize I was FREAKIN DROPING MY SNOW GLOBE SAY F IN THE CHAT

  2. My bufflkor crystal is gone D:. Why are 69% of my steel bolts gone /.-.. MY DRILLS D:. One of my copper presses are gone 😐. NO! ANYTHNG BUT ONE OF MY SMELTERS 😰. Thats the more serious ones. Less serious ones. Some one my sapplings are gone 😑. Uhhhh one of my katanas😐. Both my sprinklers. Why was some of my grass delted? It was at like 400, NOW ITS AT 72!

  3. Titdal in the past: Very easy to find due to being duped. 30-100k coins Tidals now: TAKES A MOST 8 HOURS TO GRIND FOR. MILLIONS OF COINS

  4. Just saying. I got my tidal legit and the devs are like: NO U. Now i’m trying to get another one. I’ve got the pages done, and i got my first cry aqua.

  5. I'm sorry but I really loved your series and how you grinded for things and I agree it is slightly unfair that people who actually grinded for their stuff got wiped too but I will be sad that you won't continue your series. I might unsub or just turn off notifs if the series doesn't continue but I understand your decision and don't take this negatively. ty bye

  6. No it's not the worst update, it's the BEST update, rich players are actually over pricing the shop and under pricing offers, as a player I understand that your pissed but most likely players who get rich gets really greedy and make it so hard for new players, I know some people did lost some grinding but some people need it too.. so some bad things happen but I promise something good will happen too!

  7. Pro rank players are gonna suffer really hard because to use their vending machines u need to have a higher economy

  8. God mesh i grinded over afgain i had 3 smelters i grinded for and i grinded for like lots of stuff and i grinded ogvee again and reset my island

  9. I suggest some of the following games : “Apocalypse Rising”
    You can collect items, kill players, and try to survive in a zombie apocalypse! It’s good short term but it has limitations and doesn’t update often

    “In plain sight”
    In this game you try to steal / rob different locations while a camera will try to catch you in the act and shoot you if they see you, the first version is very similar to the second but nobody really plays it, In plain sight 2 is where you’ll find players!

    “Retail Tycoon (1 and 2)”
    You simply manage a store, it’s good if you wanna show off builds but not exactly long term enjoyment.

    “Fantastic Frontier”
    Kind of hard to get into, but you collect things and fight enemies / bosses in the wilderness. You then sell things at the town, and then you upgrade! You can get armor, weapons, and even become a mage!

    “Lumber tycoon 2”
    The community is great and once you get into collecting items it can be very addictive! There’s a lot of hackers, but unless you are one yourself, they usually don’t mess with you too bad. Sometimes they’ll give you gifts and let you buy from them! This is definitely a somewhat long term game, and the thrill of finding new items and types of wood is very nice! I recommend just playing and not looking up videos so that you just explore and experience everything as something new!

  10. Bruh. Respect to everyone who spent weeks to get 1000000000 coins just for it to be wiped and replaced with a different colour of portal.

  11. for me its one of the best update because every one had billion of money now your money is legit . Also before it was ez to get money now its like its was before

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