Roblox Islands CUTLASS *NEW WEAPON* | Furniture Update

Roblox Islands Furnishings replace included the PvP island coming again, together with the brand new weapon, which is the cutlass. On this video, I present how a lot harm …

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49 thoughts on “Roblox Islands CUTLASS *NEW WEAPON* | Furniture Update

  1. I don’t get why the cutlass looks like the rage blade a BIT and it looks like it deserves to be in Halloween

  2. Telanthric : bruh how are they hitting me from a far
    TanqR : bruh how are did he shot me through a wall

  3. Cutlass is like a mixed Cactus spike and rageblade and iron war axe weapon

    Edit: Cactus spike: same action of cutlass
    Rageblade: faster just like the cutlass
    Iron war axe: probs same damage of cutlass

  4. cutlass in 1 week will be like 100-200k rn is on 30m but people on discord steel posting selling cutlass for 1b pepegas

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