Roblox has made a GREAT replace that helps out gamers and builders rather a lot. COWCOW’S CLOTHING STORE …

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32 thoughts on “Roblox IMPROVED GAME DISCOVERY!!!

  1. I started playing roblox again a month ago and something i noticed was that when i booted up roblox the recommended for you section always seem to give games that i'm interested in (for example a napoleonic war game). Wondered when it was added because it was pretty good, then i discovered this video

  2. I play some nice games but this recommended did no good for me at all
    All I get is a bunch of modded versions of the games I play

  3. I have literally played every single game on the recommended. The system is only but a smidge better. That makes great progress 🙂

  4. Roblox stiill needs to update something. And that is. To kick players away from the game when they say online dating stuff.

  5. Ohhh, no wonder-

    I came back to Roblox after like- a month- ;-;
    And when I saw the recommendations of games, I was actually surprised. I was like:

    “Wow, Roblox is so smart. They actually know what I like for once.”
    To get some recent Roblox news, this is the channel I usually go to. I saw it,-

    i feel stOOpiD

  6. I'm surprised that I haven't seen this until now, but this is great news. I hope that ROBLOX keeps this up.

  7. My "Reccomended for you" tab:
    R O Y A L E H I G H
    B U I L D T O S U R V I V E (clone ripoffs)
    F A R T S I M U L A T O R
    literally 50 percent simulators

  8. It only recommends me like 6 games, but then again, I spend most of my time in studio and when I’m not doing that, I play like 2 games before I get bored and start playing steam games or just get off.

  9. I’m being recommended SCP and sword fighting games on recommended for you. THATS EXACTLY WHAT I PLAY! I’ve found a ton of new games that I really enjoy too, this is legitimately such a good update for me 😀

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