Road Trip (FISH, DIVE, SURF) Exploring Remote Islands On My JETSKI – Ep 272

I packed all my journey gear plus my canine into my new 4WD and went on a highway journey the place I met up with my Dad and dropped the Jet Ski in to discover distant …

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40 thoughts on “Road Trip (FISH, DIVE, SURF) Exploring Remote Islands On My JETSKI – Ep 272

  1. I do find entertainment from your videos. I hate to call you out.

    The reality is this. You are making this about materialism and items (shiny new boats/ toys and cars. Thats not right man.

    This lifestyle (which I live as well) is not about consumerism. Its about self sufficiency. Its about building your own little cabin. Building your own little boat. Living off grid. Using solar/ wind energy. Its about focusing on and doing meaningful activities and living for the creator.

    You should really focus on going more in that direction with this show. Instead of consumerism lusting for material items and views.

  2. Brodie Sir, I've finally completed my task…. I found your channel during the covid lockdown….it's taken me 10 months but I've finally watched every minute of every video from the first right to this newest vid – in order!!! 😆 You're such a great man….it's so great to see the success/growth!! Keep sending it because we love this stuff!! A YBS fan from Nova Scotia Canada!!!!!

    Now I have to go watch the extras channel 😆😆🙌🙌👏

  3. you can tell this man is an amazing youtuber. i did the math and less than .1 percent of people disliked this video that’s pretty phenomenal

  4. Some awesome footage Brodie! That Tuna sure led you a dance! Hell man, I envy your lifestyle at the moment, but in a good way. Keep on enjoying and sharing your adventures with us. All the best to your folks and the boys. Living the dream!

  5. Yo the Old Boy is a Legend ripping those waves! Next merch run has gotta have the Old Boy shredding the waves 🌊. You can see the image of him on a t-shirt riding the curl. New top seller!

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