Road to RootsTech – Episode 4: Connect, Social and Discovery

With hundreds of individuals becoming a member of us on-line, we have some nice methods so that you can join! Find out about connecting to different attendees, to cultures and heritages …

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5 thoughts on “Road to RootsTech – Episode 4: Connect, Social and Discovery

  1. I hope I can learn how to undo much of my family info that has been recently added to my tree and is totally incorrect. I have tried to edit or delete entire generations and families, who are not mine, but the info seems to be installed in stone. My thinking tells me to delete or disregard the entire tree and to start over with a new tree. Do you think I can get some tech help at the expo?

  2. Thank you for having this virtually. As a tech-savvy genealogist, this will help me learn even more tips and techniques to help my friends and those who need help

  3. I'm mildly interested in Roots Tech and have been for years. I serve as a missionary at the Family History Library, but I still lack the technical skill to navigate my computer at home without a lot of help from others who are more knowledgeable. And my computer isn't the latest; it has no camera or microphone.

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