Review! "Su'Kal" – Star Trek: Discovery S3E11 – (Spoilers in the 2nd Part!)

My ideas on S3E11 of Star Trek: Discovery, “Su’Kal”! Warning: Spoilers within the second half! Positively Trek Podcast: Opening …

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18 thoughts on “Review! "Su'Kal" – Star Trek: Discovery S3E11 – (Spoilers in the 2nd Part!)

  1. I am feeling mixed on this episode, not sure why. mebe it's because Tilly got captured and that The Burn seems to be caused by a single person. will watch the newest episode and see how things shake out.

  2. The cinematography was especially striking. In fact, some of the shots, in particular those of the Verubin Nebula, appeared to be virtually 3D. Amazing work by FX dept. and DP. And, I don't know how Doug Jones can be denied an Emmy nomination. Lots to love.

  3. Hey, I have a copy of Spock Must Die too!

    Now if I can remember where I put it…I don't think I finished it yet.

  4. Osyira seems to know waaaay to much on how the spore drive operates. How did she know that she would need tech to mind control Stamets? How did she know the spore drive needs a human navigator? 🤔

  5. I enjoyed it though I really do want to see where things go with the burn. I'm a bit unsure about what was said about it so far… As far as the next episodes I think they will get the ship back but the threat of the Emerald Chain will still exist and perhaps it will be the worlds Discovery helped that will respond with aid to save the day and start the process of rebuilding the Federation. They would have a planet made out of dilithium to help do that! Perhaps that's when a dark version of the Federation could show up as a cliff hanger for the next season. Who knows but fun to speculate!

  6. The Emerald Chain does have teeth, Tilly as #1 is still a joke, Michael has to go on the away mission to ensure our Captain stays objective?, Michael trying to get info from Su'Kal was outstanding, visuals are awesome, a good day for Doug Jones, and I need more than "the kid had a tantrum and the burn happened". We'll see where this goes, but they've dug themselves a big hole here IMO.

  7. I found this episode so much better than the last two. I wasn't onboard for more mirror universe or Georgiou. This felt like a classic TNG episode and I loved it!

  8. Hi Dan, This episode has some good and some not so good BUT a twist and make me wonder. I THINK the acting was great, the story interesting. Vance said that the emerald chain in doing war game near Saru's home world. I don't like the connection with the BURN and SU'KAL. The holographic thing was interesting. I still am underwhelmed with Osiris as a BIG BAD. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode.

  9. Keep an open mind about the burn too but I have a problem with the Holo changes to the away team. It makes no sense. The computer claims it’s made the changes to make them easier for Su’Kal to accept but why would making the two humans into a Trill and Bajoran and the Kelpian into a human help? He has already grown up with holo versions of humans and kelpians so the rationale doesn’t stand up. It feels like it was just a very weak excuse to allow Doug Jones to get out of his makeup. Outside of that, I enjoyed the episode but still stumbling on such a large plot hole.

  10. If Su’Kal really was the cause for the burn, I would be surprised. And maybe that’s what the writers were going for: They wanted to go against expectations. I would be fine with it. But I can also understand why people might find this explanation underwhelming, because The Burn was hyped as such a central mystery of the season.

    The change of species on the planet was a fun little thing. But I did not understand the reasoning behind it. It did not make much sense to me. But it was definitely entertaining to see Doug Jones without prosthetics and Coulber with pretty Bajoran ear jewelry 😀

  11. I don't think I would like to see Saru lose his captaincy, especially after the 'who will be captain' story that has already resolved well enough. Definitely seemed like the first part of an arc, for better or worse. Two episodes left and I'm still unsure what the central conflict of the season is. Structural issues aside, I still enjoyed watching it, just that I was left scratching my head a lot by the end.

  12. Osyira was much better this episode. I am with you, as far as where these various thread will lead us in the next two episodes. (Just two more episodes!). I look forward to seeing the season review, in both the unready room, as well as Positivity Treks.

    Also is that a Gorn behind you in front of the picture of Hugh? It looks cute while being menacing.

  13. I'll definitely have to see more of how the story with Su'kal plays out before passing judgement, but I'm overjoyed that Discovery and Burnham aren't responsible for the burn. I'm also glad that there isn't a "villain" responsible for the burn.

    This week's episode is directed by Frakes so that's bound to be good.

  14. I love Tilly but she is not ready for a command position. Janeway would have eaten Osyra for breakfast! Osyra stinks lol. Stretching out the mystery for such a long time is tiresome and frustrating. Binging all episodes so far really works, but waiting 3 months getting only breadcrumbs each week doesn’t really work.

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